Clothing Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Clothing Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Clothing Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms


Small bedrooms can be difficult to organise when it comes to storing all of the things you need in your home. If you’re a student, you’ll know how difficult it is to store all of your personal items in a small bedroom. However, there are many clever tricks you can incorporate into your interior design to get more space. Making these changes can be a great way to store more of your items without cluttering your bedroom. 

Hang Extra Hooks

Putting extra hooks around your room can be a fantastic way to create more Clothing Storage Ideas for your room. Hooks can be put on the back of your door, on the inside of your wardrobes, and on the sides of furniture such as wardrobes. This way, you can hang clothing items and other things off them and creates more storage for your small bedrooms. You could also look into jewellery hooks, which are a great way you can store jewellery such as necklaces and earrings. 

Work Around Awkward Angles

Does your room have awkward angles which means there is empty space? These are perfect places to put a storage bin or box. Utilising the awkward empty spaces in your room by putting storage options there can make your space look much less cluttered and put space to use by putting storage there.

If your room has multiple awkward angles, such as an uneven ceiling, you can get creative with the stacking of your storage boxes so everything will be able to fit. 

Display Your Clothes

Getting a clothing display rack is a fantastic way you can store your clothes but make them into a display feature piece. Putting your best clothes such as your designer streetwear onto this display rack can be a fantastic way to create a focal point that is dual purpose- it also works as a method of storage.

You can also hang your bags off the ends of the storage rack. This has been a trend in interior design for a while now, as it evokes a sense of an artist’s studio, and looks very editorial. If your room can fit a clothes rack in it, this can be a fantastic way to display your best clothes. 

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Hide Away Your Storage Boxes

Finding good places for your storage boxes can be a great way to hide away all of your storage. Being creative and inventive with this is a fantastic way to hide away your storage boxes. The best advice for finding spaces for your storage boxes would be- look everywhere. On top of furniture, such as wardrobes or cabinets. Under desks, if they can fit. There are many furniture designs which have storage built-in, such as chairs and stools. You can also disguise your storage boxes by decorating them well and making them a nice piece in your home. 

Go Under Your Bed

Storing things under your bed is one of the best ways in which you can have better storage in your small bedroom. Many beds come with storage built in, either under the mattress or in drawers that are built into the base of the bed frame. However, if your bed simply has a gap underneath it, you can really make the most of under-the-bed storage. By getting boxes that will fit underneath your bed and making labels for these boxes, you can really organise your storage under the bed.

This can be a great way to store all of your needed items in a very small bedroom with limited storage space. You could easily hide the storage under your bed with a large duvet cover set

Layered Shelving

One of the best ways in which you can create more storage space in a small bedroom is through layered shelving. Having multiple tiers of shelving is a great way, and people underestimate just how much they can fit onto those shelves. Make sure you secure your shelves to the wall very well, as if you put too much strain on these shelves they could fall down and you could risk being hurt. Therefore, you should make sure that the shelves are secured to the wall before putting heavy clothing items such as shoes on these shelves. 

Vacuum Pack Your Clothes

If you’re struggling to fit all of your clothes into your wardrobes, vacuum-packing clothes that you don’t wear at that time of year can be a fantastic way to create more storage. For example, in the summer months, why not vacuum-pack your winter coats? This will make it a lot easier to store the rest of your summer clothes. Every season, rotate which clothes get vacuum packed so the only clothes hung up will be the ones that you need for that season. This is a great way to create more storage space in your small bedroom. 

Use The Whole Wall

Leave no space unused! By utilising all of the space in your bedroom you will be able to make sure all of your items can be stored. Have a hard look at your walls and your bedroom to find areas in which you can fit a bit more storage. This is a great way in which you can optimise your space.

Headboard Storage

Getting a built-in headboard storage unit can be a fantastic way to increase storage if your bedroom is quite small. These would wrap around your bed and be a part of the headboard. They often include cabinets and shelves and are a great way you can incorporate more storage into your space. 

Invest In Drawer Organisers

If you have lots of drawers for your jewellery and accessories, buying drawer organisers can be a fantastic way to organise your storage spaces. This is a fantastic way to know exactly where everything is and keep your items well organised. They also come in a wide array of different colours, so you can make your storage aesthetically pleasing. 

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