Which is Better: Wood or Aluminum Windows?

Which is Better: Wood or Aluminum Windows?

Which is Better: Wood or Aluminum Windows?

The average cost to replace a window in a home ranges from $375 – $800 per window. It includes the installation fee also. 

Various factors decide the cost of a window replacement, including window type, window material, window size, glass type, grid pattern, decor, and region in which you live. 

And an average home has 8 windows, or more precisely, you can say 15% of the wall space is dedicated to the windows. 

All these statistics are provided just to set the tone right. Because no matter which window you choose, wood or aluminum Window, you need to understand it is going to be an expensive project. 

You cannot say the next day that I don’t like this option; I want to change it. You need to give due consideration to choosing the right windows for your home. In this post, we will compare the wood windows with the aluminum windows. Here, you can explore 6 simple steps for adorning your living room.

Wood windows or Aluminum windows: Which is better?

We will make the comparison between wood windows and aluminum windows based on five primary factors:

  • Aesthetics
  • Insulation 
  • Design
  • Durability 
  • Maintenance

1. Aesthetics 

Without any debate, wood windows are the clear winner when it comes to aesthetics. That’s why you will often see the manufacturers try to replicate the wood window patterns on the aluminum windows using vinyl or other materials. 

Wood windows have natural, warm, and cozy looks. They add a touch of elegance to your room. They have natural unique grain patterns which add a special touch to your home. 

There is no parallel to wood windows when it comes to aesthetics, but it is also very important to understand wood windows should match the overall theme of your house. 

If you are going for a minimalistic metallic design, aluminum windows are an aesthetically better option in this case.       

2. Insulation 

If you are installing windows to get more sunlight, you also need to keep in mind there will be no wall there. It is the glass and window that has to do the entire insulation work. 

Aluminum is a bad insulator. It allows the passage of heat through it. Thus, aluminum windows are not a good option if you are living in areas where it gets very cold. On the other hand, wood is an amazing insulator. It does not allow the passage of heat through it. It is a good insulator. 

Wood windows will provide better insulation than aluminum windows. So, take into account the weather condition. But if you have your mind for wood windows, just make sure to add extra energy costs for winters.       

3. Design 

When it comes to the flexibility of the design, aluminum windows offer you better fabrication capabilities than wood windows. 

A wide range of designs is available with aluminum windows. Thus, there is an increased possibility that you will get the exact design you are looking for. Whereas, with wood windows, you have limited flexibility. 

Also, the cost of installing wood windows is higher than aluminum windows due to the challenges natural material wood poses. It is not easy to work. You need skilled labor to install wood windows. Though there is one advantage wood windows offer in the design aspect. 

Wood windows are highly customizable with respect to hand craftsmanship and paint colors. You can create a unique design to give a special touch.                   

4. Durability 

In general, aluminum windows are judged as more durable than wood windows, but it all depends on maintenance and quality. 

Both wood or aluminum windows are durable. If you keep following the right maintenance schedule, wood windows have a slight edge over aluminum windows. 

But if you do not take care of windows appropriately, it is highly advised to get aluminum windows because aluminum windows are better equipped to deal with external weather elements than wood windows with less care. So both options are equally good. 

It is the maintenance requirements where you need to make a decision.  

5. Maintenance 

Everyone knows that wood windows have higher maintenance requirements than aluminum windows. You need to provide pest treatment and moisture-resistant treatment from time to time to keep wood windows in good shape. 

You need to routinely clean your windows to ensure they remain in good condition. On the other hand, aluminum windows do not have such extensive maintenance requirements. 

They just need regular cleaning to keep them in good condition. However, it is very important to understand that aluminum windows are subjected to expansion and contraction as per the weather changes. 

You need to take appropriate maintenance measures to tackle those changes and keep the windows in good condition.       

So these are the five major factors on which we have evaluated the wood windows and aluminum windows. From this weblog, you can find seven easy tips to take care of your wooden furniture during the monsoon.

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Which windows cost more: wood or aluminum window?

Wood windows cost you more than aluminum windows both in material and installation. Wood is a natural element whose cost depends highly on its availability. 

In some areas, wood costs very high, whereas, in some areas, it is available at affordable prices. Wood is not as readily available as aluminum as it is grown naturally and takes time. 

On the other hand, aluminum can be produced easily in factories. It is cheaper than wood and readily available, which makes it a more economical option than wood. 

The Bottom Line   

It is hard to tell which is better between wood windows and aluminum windows. Both options have their own pros and cons, and eventually, the choice between wood and aluminum windows depends on the specific needs. 

However, on a general note, if you are looking for an affordable option that requires less maintenance, aluminum windows are a great choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for an elegant and classic option, you should go for wood windows. Wood windows are a timeless investment but come at a higher cost and extensive maintenance requirements. 

It entirely depends on one’s preferences to choose between wood windows and aluminum windows. Which windows do you prefer for your home and why? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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