6 contemporary style kitchen decor ideas

6 contemporary style kitchen decor ideas

6 contemporary style kitchen decor ideas

Kitchens can come in different shapes and sizes, but the balance of your style is the decisive factor in whether it will add up to its layout demeanor or not. The style of your kitchen directly depicts your taste and preferences. 

Contemplating the Style

The function of the kitchen is determined by the people using it. Some families spend the most time in this specific space of their house while for others, it may be a corner where they spend the least time. Hence, it is crucial that all such factors are kept in consideration while deciding on the style for your kitchen. 

Another deciding factor for the style is the overall layout of your house, especially if you are remodeling the kitchen. Since a theme has already been determined for the rest of the house, so it is simpler to brush the same one on the kitchen as well. It is said that the kitchen is essentially the heart of the house. Often families spend most of their time here; cooking, eating, and just creating memories for their lifetime. It is an ideal place to bond with other family members.

Sapphire Builders & Associates has compiled a list of 6 kitchen styles for your ease, given the advantages and disadvantages of each one as well. 

1. L-Shaped Style

If you like a modern touch to your place without compromising its efficiency then, this style of kitchen is for you. A triangle that naturally forms an L-shape and provides continuous counter space and workstations on two neighboring walls.

The Kitchen works well in small, long, or open-plan living spaces. This popular kitchen design is great for hosting guests or using it as a family kitchen. To give enough prep space, the cooktop, fridge, and sink should preferably be separated by sections of the bench top. 

  • Advantages

The gain of this kitchen layout is that it gives the chef a practical workspace and generally opens to a surrounding room, making it simple for the cook to converse with guests. In addition to offering a lot of space, it also allows the users to accommodate appliances as well at the right angle of the top. It is an easy-working triangle that is an absolute delight for open kitchen spaces. 

  • Disadvantages

Although it is an amazing idea for small and medium-sized kitchens might not be ideal for large ones because it allows less space for multiple cooks to work at the same time. 

2. U-Shaped Kitchen

In this style, the cooking area is designated, and the kitchen is separated from the rest of the house by a U-shaped kitchen layout that spans around three walls. It is also referred to as a horseshoe kitchen style that offers a lot of storage space, outstanding efficiency, and numerous people can move around the kitchen.

  • Advantages

This style offers an ideal backdrop for arranging an uninterrupted work triangle to maximize available space. Pull-outs and carousels allow people to access confined areas while ensuring that no corner space is wasted. The U-shaped layout can also give smaller spaces a closed-in feeling. 

  • Disadvantages

If the style is applied in a tiny area, you could feel crowded and enclosed. Workstations may be too far apart on a floor that is too large. Moreover, a really small floor area can occasionally feel overly confined.

3. G-shaped Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen layout has a free-standing workplace that offers a supplementary counter, work or entertainment area, similar to an island kitchen. In contrast, it is connected to the main workplace, making it reachable from three rather than all four sides. 

  • Advantages

The style offers all the benefits of an island counter while taking up less floor space, making it frequently regarded as the best design for households with tiny kitchen spaces

  • Disadvantages

The overhead storage cabinets might make the space appear crowded. It has a more complex layout, so you must consider how to construct it, and where to put the sinks, cookers, etc. There is an increased Corner Constraint in a G-shaped kitchen.

4. One Wall Kitchen

The one-wall kitchen style has cupboards and appliances arranged against a single wall. It was once known as the “Pullman kitchen.” This style keeps everything within easy reach in small houses like studio apartments and lofts. But keep in mind that the work triangle is not utilized in this kitchen design.

Instead, to make the space flow more consciously, components are arranged per working area and vertical space is of utmost importance. To make the most of the available space for storage and organization, employ shelves and overhead cabinets. The one-wall kitchen arrangement can be enlarged with other things when there is enough room.  

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  • Advantages

In addition to inexpensiveness, with this layout, you can complete more tasks including preparation, cooking, and cleanup, without having to move around much. Your efficiency increases because of this.

  • Disadvantages

Since it is a traditional style which is, however, still in use today but a lot of people do not prioritize this style. Thus, the re-sale value for this may decrease. 

5. Galley Kitchen

Also known as the parallel kitchen arrangement, is the most effective for cooking. It can be divided into “wet” and “dry” workplaces, thanks to two long working areas that face one another. It further offers a ton of storage space, counter space, and plenty of room for movement. The Galley Kitchen can be easily customized to meet your needs and is suitable for most home designs as well.

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  • Advantages

The primary kitchen utilities including gas, electrical, and water, are all grouped together in this design. The layout of a galley kitchen is practical, compact, and step-saving. You won’t need to buy as much kitchen flooring because it takes up less floor area. These designs are typically perfect for do-it-yourself remodeling because they are compact.

  • Disadvantages

Galley kitchen layouts can occasionally feel cramped for two or more cooks operating simultaneously because there are fewer base cabinets in some layouts, and the area available for countertops in kitchens is also constrained. The value of its resale is lower than that of other styles.

6. Island Kitchen

You can incorporate a kitchen island, which is a relatively common style element, into almost any layout. This versatile counter may serve as your primary cooking area, prep area, and breakfast counter. This might be a great way to improve your overall counter space if your kitchen is larger. It is excellent for large families or those with children who have a large, spacious kitchen.

  • Advantages

Having more facilities in your kitchen area is the whole point of a kitchen island. Moreover, we can offer a second, smaller sink or even a stove to free up room in the main kitchen spaces. The greatest storage option for unusual equipment like a stand mixer, countertop oven, and so on is an island. It provides an additional room that may be utilized as the seating area at the island is a fantastic site to serve breakfast, have your children do their homework, or even assist the cook.

  • Disadvantages

An island usually occupies the center of a tiny kitchen space, which can make it feel even smaller and even turn it into a hindrance. We cannot have islands that are either too huge or too small, as you do not want an island that becomes a nuisance. Although the size of the island does not matter, what matters is whether it serves a certain function in the kitchen or not. If it has availability values, it is only useful; otherwise, it acts as a barrier.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

It is always a wise idea to do market research. Based on the budget that you have allocated to it, know your options and their pros and cons. weigh them and interact with people who have gone through similar processes before jumping to the decisions. Make up your mind and then start working towards them. 

Sapphire Builders & Associates is known for accommodating contemporary styles in its projects, giving them a regal vibe without compromising the quality. Furthermore, it has professionals who are experts in their fields, on board with them. They strive to deliver the best product to the clients. 

So, get your kitchen ready TODAY!

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