Have a Small Kitchen? These Designs, Tips, and Hacks Will Make Them Look Bigger

Have a Small Kitchen? These Designs, Tips, and Hacks Will Make Them Look Bigger

Have a Small Kitchen? These Designs, Tips, and Hacks Will Make Them Look Bigger

Today, our city homes don’t see the fortune of having huge spaced homes because, let’s face it, with the steeper rise in population, building residential structures is becoming far more important now than ever. Compact homes that come with space enough to live

comfortably is what most infrastructure companies are bidding for.

But there is no need to feel discouraged because even compact homes can be designed smartly to make them look fabulous and spacious too! Let’s dive right in with some designs, tips and tricks that will help you achieve the same.

Put the focus on the floor:

Instead of a simply designed flooring, opt for layered directional flooring. This is a clever way of hitting two birds with one stone; it will create an illusion of space in your kitchens and also make them look attractive. There is a wide range of floor tiles that you can select from right from the classic Herringbone pattern to the chevron format floor that will add the right depth and charm to the kitchens. Try to go for pale colours that would reflect light and make the space more open rather than dark colours that would make the spaces feel more compressed.

Opt on minimalism:

For spaces that are small, the cornerstone of their design should be minimalism. That is the only way these spaces can be functional and will not feel compromised in space too. Storage spaces in kitchens is a huge challenge in small kitchens. If you have too much ‘stuff’ then they will start to sit in the open on your countertops which will kill the aesthetics of your kitchen and make them look messy and cluttered. Let go of the unnecessary things that have been sitting in your lofts for a while and make room for your essentials. The lesser-used equipment like your blenders and sandwich makers can be moved into cupboards or cabinets, out of sight so that the counters are cleared out and have more room for everyday use.

Tile one complete wall in a small kitchen:

Whilst there may have been some talks about how things should be kept simple in small kitchens, it would not harm to play loud and bold with one wall. An accent wall instantly beautifies the space and makes the kitchens look fun. Accent walls have been the most

trending interior design that seems to be present in every home today. There are a lot of things you can do with an accent wall; paint a wall mural or make an accent tile wall in the kitchen.

Consider the colours:

Yes, we are all aware of the thumb rule of colour schemes in small spaces-keep light and muted. But it won’t hurt to add some bold colour elements in the room for that extra drama. Don’t shy away from going for a moody blue or green hue in your kitchens. Adding some deep hues can, on the contrary, be really effective at making a small place look vibrant and completely different.

Go for the gloss:

Having surfaces in small kitchens that have shiny and reflective properties can help in making the kitchens look bigger and more elegant. This is only possible by adding mirrors or glossy units to your kitchen furniture. The good thing about having glossy surfaces, apart from the fact that they are super easy to clean, is that they maximise the natural light flowing in the kitchens and enhance the beauty of the spaces naturally.

Clever storage:

Homeowners are inevitably hungry about just one thing in the homes-storage, storage and even more storage! You cannot afford to go wrong in planning effective storage, especially if you have a compact home. If you have a small kitchen, plan your storage cleverly so that it can fit everything inside well enough for no traces of clutter on the outside. Even if planning takes time, take your time and get it right because furniture, once designed and made, you can’t go back. If need be, you can even get an interior designer on board who can design a storage framework suitable for your kitchen.

Try dual-toned kitchen:

Dual tones work fabulously well in small kitchens, as they succeed in creating an illusion of a bigger space. Not only do they win your heart aesthetically, but they make your kitchens look warm and inviting. A darker colour on the base furniture helps to make that clear segregation and works as the centre point. Opting for a lighter shade in the upper walls and upper units will draw the eye upwards, making the kitchen feel more open, brighter and unique. Small kitchens come with their own set of challenges and limitations that one needs to face. But that should in no way discourage you from making your kitchen a beautiful, functional and utilitarian one. These design tips, hacks and tricks will save the day for you and help you achieve the kind of kitchen you have always dreamed of having.

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