Home Interior Tips Everyone Should Know  

Home Interior Tips Everyone Should Know  

Home Interior Tips Everyone Should Know  

Thinking of remodelling the interiors of your home? It can be incredibly difficult to know exactly where to start. However, by keeping some tips and tricks in mind on your design journey you will be able to make the experience much easier. By putting these rules at the forefront of your design journey you will be able to curate a beautifully styled home that wows guests and represents you as a person. 

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Spend Very Carefully

A lot of people make the mistake of simply buying lots of items with no real plan of where to put them and how to style them in their homes. Buying too much of one item can make your home look cluttered and stylistically incoherent. However, thinking carefully about your decor before you buy it can help you streamline the design process. Before you buy an item, have a plan for where exactly it could go. Also, before buying a cheap new item that reflects current trends, have a look at vintage pieces of furniture. Once the fad goes away, you might want to get rid of the item which is wasteful and harms the planet. Buying classic vintage items can make your space look more timeless, and is overall better for the planet. 

Rework Items You Already Have

Before throwing away your already existing decor, having a look at your current home furnishings and seeing where you could do DIY to update them may be a great way to revamp your home on a budget. For example, curtains could be dyed a different colour to add a bit of colour to your space. If you have plaster walls, painting them a different colour yourself can be a good way to have a cheap revamp. If you’re a bit better at DIY, have a look into reupholstering furniture. This could be a great way to update worn and outdated fabrics on your soft furnishings. 

Think About Lighting 

Lighting is especially important for curating a space that looks editorial, bright and welcoming. Lighting is also especially important for your comfort and mental health. Improper lighting can make the furnishings and design of your home look bad. Designing each room around the way the natural light from your windows filters into the room can make your space look brighter and much more open. Well-placed lighting such as floor lamps and overhead lighting can also make sure the light is distributed evenly throughout the space. Picking lighter colours for your walls can also make it much easier for light to be displaced in the room. 

Think About Your Themes 

Thinking carefully about the themes in your home can make your home’s interiors look much more cohesive. For example, picking furniture with the same wood type or colours is a great way to make your space look much better. Picking one style and sticking to it can be a fantastic way to theme your rooms- such as shabby chic, minimalist, industrial, or farmhouse – picking themes for each room and creating a mood board for each one can be a great way to think really carefully about the thematic cohesion of your spaces. 

Think Carefully About Colours

Including colours in your interior design that clash and don’t complement each other can make your interiors look messy and unpolished. Putting a bit of effort into carefully selecting colours for your walls and furnishings can make a big difference. For example, picking neutral colours for your walls can make it easier to incorporate brightly coloured furniture into your spaces. Making colour mood boards for each room can make it easier for you to see if the colours you select go together well. 

Create Adequate Space

One mistake a lot of people make is overcrowding their rooms with lots of furniture which can make the space look cluttered and untidy. Making sure there is adequate space to move around and walk freely in your rooms is a great way to make your space look more open and bright. Carefully planning where you will put your furniture and making sure there is enough space left in the room on the floorplan is a good way to ensure this. 

The Perfect Balance

Your home is not a shop showroom! You deserve to have a place in which you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. If you focus too carefully on the looks of your interiors you could be sacrificing your comfort. Make sure that the interiors of your home such as sofas and chairs are actually comfortable for both you and your guests. Focusing too much on style instead of comfort could actively work against you. Find a good balance between style and comfort so you can have a lovely home in which you can also relax. 

Choose A Focal Point 

The best interior design has a focal point which the entire room is based around. This could be a piece of art or fireplace or even a nice sofa which draws the attention of the room. Picking a few statement pieces of furniture that attract attention in your room can be a great way to make your interiors look that bit more editorial. However, be careful not to overpower your rooms with too many statement pieces- this will make your spaces look incoherent. 

Never Underestimate The Power of Small Touches

Small touches can really make a space that much better. For example, small ornaments, coffee table books and even coasters can make your spaces look more thought out. In kitchens, think about how small appliances can be matched to make the space look more editorial. In the bedrooms, don’t estimate how much luxury cushion covers can make the space look more inviting. Adding these small touches to your home interiors can be a fantastic way to really tie the space together and make the space look much better. 

Make sure to put these rules at the forefront of your home planning if you’re planning on renovating your home interiors. By making sure your home design is on point, you will be able to create a home that you love, and you will love to invite guests to.