Home Furniture Tips – How To Clean Wood Furniture [Six Home Remedies]

Home Furniture Tips – How To Clean Wood Furniture [Six Home Remedies]

Home Furniture Tips – How To Clean Wood Furniture [Six Home Remedies]

Do you know you dust and shine your home furniture like run-of-the-mill. And it is important to keep the third most expensive buying item like new every day. 

Yes, you heard it right, the third most expensive item. Know why?

Well, what did you do to keep clean your wooden furniture? Off, course dusting…!

Now, dusting is not the end-last solution that will work anymore. As unwind rays, cold and hot drinks, popcorn and oil strains are not likely easily get dust-out. You need to use something aggresive to put them out forever. 

Well, in this blog I will guide you some basic and pro-level home remedies to clean wooden furniture and make it charm like a new one. Also, find the list of the best furniture shop in Jaipur to buy elegant home furniture at low-cost.

As the following wooden clean furniture tips and tricks are highly been recommend by experts around the world. So, kindly follow and use wisely.


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Basic Home Remedies to Clean Wood Furniture

There are only two basic home remedies to clean wood furniture. These tricks are common and the world is already used to dust-out any furniture or artifacts. 

1) Dusting

Keep dusting your furniture whether wood or leather regularly to keep away dust far. A frequent dusting removes tiny airborne deposits that frame up a filmy layer. 

To avoid that, you need to dust every day to keep furniture clean, pure, and solitare.

2) Cleaning

Generally, most people use spray to clean their furniture…! Please avoid this process if your furniture hasn’t coated with plastic. If so, you’re good to use. 

Use warm water and soft clothes like silk and cotton and gently begin clean from the side, not from the center. 


Pro Home Remedies to Clean Wood Furniture

Does it had been passed five years when you buy wooden furniture, now it looks fade away. 

Heard some expert advice on how to dust wood furniture, the Best way to clean old wood furniture, or how to clean a wood table, sofa, and chair that is sticky. 

Take a look…!

A. Advance Dusting

Advance dusting is much ahead than a normal dusting trick. Here, you need to use a classic feather duster, treated cloths, Lamb’s wool duster, soft lint-free cloths, and terry towels for effective and advance cleaning for home wooden furniture.

B. Advance Cleaning

Some experts believe in reviving grimy wood furniture with a combination of olive oil, alter alcohol, and lemon juice, mix it well and apply with a soft cloth and buff with a clean cloth. While other experts found oil polishers, cleaners, and furniture oils for better and fast results. 

C. Use of Wax

It is a kind of long work…! But effective from all other wood furniture cleaning tips. The use of wax or paste is specifically made for different furniture, so be casual when you try to apply wax for wood furniture, it should be prepared correctly and for so applying too.

D. Polishing Hardware

Polishing hardware is another effective trick to clean decades of old wood furniture. It has the power to bring the old one into life. To put in practice, you need to remove hardware from the furniture piece and diacritic clean and polish each metal and brass effectively. Reattach when it completes.


Benefits of Cleaning Home Furniture

From the human tendency, human prefer sofa, chair, and table more than other home furniture…! So, it is equally important to take care of your best things. 

Here are five Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning – is good enough to answer why you need to clean home furniture.

  • Better Air Quality
  • Longer Furniture Life
  • Better Aesthetic Appearance
  • Cleaner, Fresher Smell
  • Safer Cleaning Practices


Extra Tip – Clean Wood Furniture with Vinegar and Olive Oil

Do vinegar and olive oil fix scratches on wood furniture? 

The answer is yes, this is a most effective trick and method to clean grime off wood furniture, clean painted wood furniture, and clean wood floors. And, probably, this is the best way to clean old wood furniture. 

Did you use this home furniture cleaning tips earlier? Comment down …!

Well, here is the five simple steps that will help you to clean any type of wood furniture with Vinegar and Olive Oil combination. 


[5 Simple Steps] to clean wood furniture with vinegar and olive oil

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Well, this is it, I hope you love it…!