Lockdown 2.o: What’s Lockdown Learning Are You In? These #10 Quarantine Activities Are Opportunities of Today and a Better Future! [Have-A-Look]

Lockdown 2.o: What’s Lockdown Learning Are You In? These #10 Quarantine Activities Are Opportunities of Today and a Better Future! [Have-A-Look]

Lockdown 2.o: What’s Lockdown Learning Are You In? These #10 Quarantine Activities Are Opportunities of Today and a Better Future! [Have-A-Look]

Today, the day crossed 14th April (the end of lockdown period) and jumped to another lockdown learning period aka Lockdown 2.o. In these quarantine periods, most of the people are in a hasty to go outside, want to do adventure, and some want to meet their family. But, we all know about the on-going affairs. It is better to stay home to stop yourself to feel the monster outside…!

The pandemic of COVID-19 grasps us under its roots, but, we as a human being, a smart species do not affiliate from such severe creation. We are following all the essential requests made by our government, fruitfully. 

While people are exploring these days as a gift, they are doing amazing things at home, beside, sitting at a corner or bed and waiting for lockdown 2.0 exertion. So, if you’re one of those, here are some activities you can do to keep busy your ideal days and convert into magnificent opportunities. 

If you’re doing these things, it’s great, keep motivate others to do….! 


No.1 – Tune In To Podcasts

Tuning in to different digital broadcasts to clear your brain and change your point of view towards life when all is said and done. Here are my recommendations for some of the best available podcasts. 

i) The Rewatchables – The Ringer

ii) Armchair Expert – Armchair Umbrella

iii) The Daily – New York Times


Listen Podcast


No.2 – Playing Games 

When there was no web, we used to play a great deal of table games like Chess, Carom Board, Monopoly to take a break. Begin playing these games again with your friends and family again to improve your aptitudes and make some quality memories. 


No.3 – Watch Videos/Movies of Real-Life Role Models

Watching recordings of effective individuals that will give you tips and deceives about how to improve your hard working attitude and become increasingly determined towards your objectives. 


watch videos and movies


No. 4 – Learning a New Languages

Get familiar with another dialect. We as a whole need to have an additional language in our weapons store other than our local language. 


No.5 – Reading Books on Self-Growth

Perusing books on self-awareness and life stories of legends to keep yourself spurred right now. Here are some best books to read in corona-virus quarantine – the other Mrs, Thinking fast and slow, and how to cook a wolf.


read books


No. 6 – Bringing Inner Artist on Paper/Social

In the event that you have an enthusiasm for craftsmanship, at that point this is an ideal opportunity to take a stab at making a perfect work of art.


No.7 – Doing Regular Exercise

Doing exercise for in any event 30 minutes for 4/5 days consistently to deal with your feelings of anxiety. 


Regular Exercise


No. 8 – Work On Your Weaknesses 

Each individual has a lot of shortcomings be it conveying abilities, poor language, jargon, terrible penmanship or something else. Peruse books on your specific territory of shortcoming that will go about as an impetus in smothering your shortcoming. 


No. 9 – Join Kitchen to Show Your Hands Magic at Recipes

Attempt your delivery to the kitchen. On the off chance that you at any point needed to gain proficiency with a formula for yourself or your friends and family, this is the ideal opportunity that you begin following up on that idea of yours. 


Cooking Food


No. 10 – And Try Something New

Learning another expertise, for example, move exercises, stoneware exercises, guitar exercises or even some administration aptitudes. There are free instructional exercises accessible on YouTube for any expertise that you need to add to your range of abilities.



This time at home will assist us with making a superior rendition of ourselves. A variant with expanded inventive force, better imaginative thoughts. In the event that you include the errands referenced above in your everyday life then you will turn out to be increasingly focused, self-entertained, progressively happy, made sure about and accommodating. Along these lines, how about we utilize the open door introduced to us as lockdown by developing ourselves and win this war against corona-virus together.