Mattress for Bed: It’s Types and How To Choose a Good One?

Mattress for Bed: It’s Types and How To Choose a Good One?

Mattress for Bed: It’s Types and How To Choose a Good One?

Everyone loves to sleep on a comfortable, spongy, and quality mattress for bed. Getting a lovely dream and falling asleep with a sweet nap is all about a perfect mattress for bed. 

So, the decision related to choosing a good mattress for bed is really a cognitive and vital thing not for your sleep but also for your bed and money. Investing worth a piece on your bed is a one-time investment. If it’s not going well, you prephap not in a budget to spend again. 

So, today in the blog, you will find different types of mattress for double bed in Jaipur and importantly how to choose a mattress for your bed. Alternatively, the people who seek a mattress for bed can look and read these tips and ultimately get the idea to buy a mattress for bed. 

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Different Types of Mattress for Bed

Mattresses are available in huge variety ranging from spring to the form. It has a good story of evolution. 

Do you know? 

The innerspring mattress type was the first modern mattress style for bed that was developed by Berliner Heinrich Westphal in the early 1870s. Since that period, we have a variety of options. 

Thus, we will talk about the different types of mattresses for bed. There are more than tens of mattresses developed for bed. But, these five are the most common and frequently have high buying rates in the Indian market. 

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Memory Foam

As a name sounds, these mattresses only consist of memory foam. These foam mattresses are good for great support, pressure relief, and body contouring. 

Memory Form Mattress

Best for: Memory foam mattresses are ideal for certain types of sleepers. Side sleepers can be used for these mattresses, those with chronic pain, and couples. Thus memory foam mattresses are good to reduce back pain.



Latex mattresses consist of Latex Foam and Support Foam. These mattresses are good for great responsiveness, comfort, bounce, and cooling.

Latex Mattress

Best for: Sleepers lovers who love bounce, cooling, and responsiveness in sleeping.



Coil mattresses are the most common type of mattress installed on beds. These are also known as innerspring which have one or more layers of spring coils . 

Coils Mattress

Best for: Sleepers who want comfort and spring type mattress with great bounce and strong edge support. 



Pillow-top mattress is a combination of coil, latex, and memory foam. Usually these types of foam are versatile and portable. Having a layer of soft material into the cover makes it more comfortable. 

Pillow Top Mattress

Best for: Sleepers who want softer and more cushion comfortness. Deeper who prefer more padding and a softer feel.



As the name suggests, it is made with a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foam, coils, and other supportive foam. These types of mattresses are best for sleepers who want all world-comfort. 

Hybrid Mattress

Best for: People who want a good quality mattress, durable, and strong support, and more benefits. Hybrid fusion mattresses are the best choice mattress for side sleepers.


Tips to choose the perfect mattress for Double Bed/Single Bed/Storage Bed

1) Understand with the concept and types of mattress for beds. 

2) Define your overall budget. 

3) Clear with the kind of firmness and comfort looking on your mattress. tips

4) Consider your sleeping side before finalizing your mattress.

5) Simply choose your best one for your sleep not for your bed. It’s different!


[Bonus Tip]

Thinking about buying a mattress for your bed? Always buy a mattress from storage bed manufacturers. The reason is simple: they engage in in-house manufacturing of mattresses with great quality and materials. And, it would cost you lower than others.


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What’s Next

Hence, this is it. My worth tips on how to choose a mattress for bed will help you to buy the perfect mattress for your sleep. Always consider these five golden points to choose a good and overall mattress for your bed. 

Good luck…! 


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