5 Home Decor Tips To Set Up Your Home This Rakshabandhan

5 Home Decor Tips To Set Up Your Home This Rakshabandhan

5 Home Decor Tips To Set Up Your Home This Rakshabandhan

Ahaaa! Rakshabandhan is just around the corner, a few days are left to celebrate the sibling festival. 

What’s the preparation mode you are in…! Did you finalize about what gift you’re gonna give to your sister?

Well, I am sure, you are making-up for the list and planning to give a surprise…! Good Luck

However, most people just think that rakhi is a festival of brother-sister but it’s wrong, it’s a celebration of happiness, gratitude, and home decoration, as well. 

Yes, you heard it right! 

Here I have presented you the five basic rakhi home decor tips you can think of to set up your home this rakshabandhan. 

All of these decor tips ideas are awesome and picked from the real-happening events. 

Have a look…:)


Add Colors & Brighten It Up

Whether it’s an occasion or parties, a festival like rakhi or holi, colors play an important role in making a huge difference in the overall look and feel of the house. You can think of colorful wall hangings, hand-made painting and even think of colorful candle light lamps.


Bring Festive Decor Pieces

Festive decor accessories like decoration reals, banners, stickers, and confetti are good to bring feelings and emotions of the festival. Occasions like birthday parties, ceremony, opening events, etc decor pieces are important and recognized as best decor accessories that are easy to buy and maintain. 


Make it Welcoming

If your guest and relative welcoming prior to you, you can decorate your main door to make them feel important and welcomed. A Rangoli at your entrance will be very welcoming as it is also a good omen. You can put fresh flowers, candles and lamps, for extra exposure. Although, if you’re willing to invest, you can try traditional Rajasthani toran. 


A Little Rearrangement

It’s in our habit that we become polite and curative to arrange our home in times of special events such as rakhi (coming soon). And it’s a good sign…! Do a formal arrangement of your home, put your clothes in a proper place, hang things if found no place, keep curtains and surfaces clean. 


Add Glamour

Well, looking prettier and handsome in festivals – everyone wants. But it’s also important for your home to add glamour and make it more gorgeous than earlier. One famous man said that the actual glamour of home comes with glamorous furniture. Think of basic home furniture such as sofa, table, chair, etc.


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Must-Have Furniture On This Rakhi Fiesta

These rakhi home decor tips are awesome…! Well, this rakhi festival you can shop for many things, out-from-that, you must have furniture on this rakhi fiesta such as sofa and couches, chair and tables, beds and study tables. 

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