How to Choose the Right Pillow for Your Sleeping Style and Body Type

Pillow for Sleeping Style

Sleep plays a vital role in our overall well-being, and choosing the right pillow can significantly impact the quality of your rest. 

The ideal pillow provides support for your head, neck, and shoulders, allowing your muscles to relax and preventing discomfort or pain during the night. 

Investing in the proper pillow can lead to a more restful, rejuvenating sleep experience, and a better start to your day.

The right pillow can help promote proper spinal alignment and reduce pressure on your neck and shoulders. Consequently, choosing the right pillow is essential for a comfortable and restorative sleep experience.

Understanding Different Pillow Types

Memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillows are popular for their ability to contour to the shape of your head and neck, providing personalized support and pressure relief. 

They are available in various shapes, sizes, and firmness levels, making them suitable for a wide range of sleepers. 

Some memory foam pillows also feature cooling technology to help regulate temperature during sleep.

Feather and down pillows

Feather and down pillows are known for their softness, luxurious feel, and natural breathability. 

Down pillows are filled with the soft, fluffy plumage found beneath the feathers of ducks or geese, while feather pillows contain a combination of feathers and down. 

These pillows tend to be lightweight, moldable and offer moderate support.

Latex pillows

Latex pillows offer excellent support, durability, and breathability. They are made from natural or synthetic rubber, which provides a buoyant, responsive feel that is both supportive and comfortable. Latex pillows are available in various shapes, sizes, and firmness levels and are a popular choice

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Determining Your Sleeping Style

Side sleepers

Side sleepers typically require a thicker, firmer pillow to fill the gap between their head and shoulders, maintaining proper spinal alignment. 

A contoured or higher-loft pillow can be especially beneficial for side sleepers, as it provides the necessary support for the neck and head while cradling the shoulder.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers generally need a pillow with medium firmness and loft to support the natural curve of the neck without causing the head to tilt too far forward or backward. 

Memory foam, latex, or hybrid pillows can be excellent choices for back sleepers, as they provide the right balance of support and contouring.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers usually require a thinner, softer pillow to prevent the head from being elevated too high, which can strain the neck and spine. 

Down, microfiber, or low-loft memory foam pillows are often suitable for stomach sleepers, as they allow for proper head and neck alignment while minimizing pressure on the spine.

Combination sleepers

Combination sleepers, who switch between different sleeping positions throughout the night, may benefit from a pillow with an adjustable loft or a medium-firm, moldable fill. 

This allows for customization of the pillow’s height and firmness, ensuring proper support and comfort in various sleeping positions. 

Memory foam, latex, or adjustable down pillows can be excellent options for combination sleepers.

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Pillow Recommendations for Sleeping Styles

Side sleepers

Medium to firm pillows: Side sleepers typically require firmer pillows that can maintain proper spinal alignment by filling the gap between the head and shoulders.

Contoured memory foam or latex pillows: These pillows provide the necessary support for the neck and head while cradling the shoulder, making them a great choice for side sleepers.

Back sleepers

Medium firmness pillows: Back sleepers need a pillow that supports the natural curve of the neck without causing the head to tilt too far forward or backward.

Memory foam or latex pillows: These pillows provide the right balance of support and contouring for back sleepers, ensuring proper alignment and comfort.

Stomach sleepers

Soft, thin pillows: Stomach sleepers require thinner, softer pillows to prevent the head from being elevated too high, which can strain the neck and spine.

Down or microfiber pillows: These pillow types allow for proper head and neck alignment while minimizing pressure on the spine, making them suitable for stomach sleepers.

Combination sleepers

Adjustable pillows: Combination sleepers, who switch between different sleeping positions throughout the night, can benefit from pillows with adjustable loft or firmness, ensuring proper support and comfort in various positions.

Memory foam or shredded memory foam pillows: These pillows can be easily molded or adjusted to accommodate different sleeping positions, making them an excellent choice for combination sleepers.


Considering Body Type and Special Needs

Neck and shoulder pain

If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, look for pillows that provide proper support and pressure relief. Contoured memory foam or latex pillows can help maintain spinal alignment and relieve tension in the neck and shoulder area.

Allergies and sensitivities

If you have allergies or sensitivities, consider hypoallergenic pillow options, such as latex or memory foam, which are resistant to dust mites and mold. Alternatively, opt for down-alternative or microfiber pillows, which are designed to mimic the feel of down but are hypoallergenic.


Pregnant individuals may require additional support for their changing bodies. Full-body or maternity pillows can provide much-needed support for the belly, back, and legs, helping to alleviate discomfort during sleep.

Snoring and sleep apnea

If you struggle with snoring or sleep apnea, consider a pillow that promotes proper head and neck alignment to keep airways open. 

Wedge pillows or contoured cervical pillows can help elevate the head and maintain an open airway, reducing the risk of snoring and sleep apnea episodes.

Trying Out and Adjusting to a New Pillow

Test sleeping on different pillow types

When searching for the perfect pillow, it’s essential to test out various options to find the one that suits your needs best. Many retailers offer trial periods, allowing you to experience the pillow in your home and return it if it’s not the right fit.

Give your body time to adjust

Keep in mind that your body may take some time to adapt to a new pillow. It’s normal to experience minor discomfort or stiffness when switching to a different type of pillow, but this should subside within a few nights as your body adjusts.

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Know when it’s time to replace your pillow

Pillows don’t last forever, and using an old, worn-out pillow can negatively impact your sleep quality. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to replace your pillow every 18-36 months, depending on the material and usage.

It’s essential to consider your sleeping style, body type, and any special needs when selecting the right pillow. 

Understanding the different types of pillows available and their suitability for your specific needs will help you make an informed decision.

Investing in the right pillow is crucial for achieving better sleep quality and overall well-being. By following the tips in this article and taking the time to find the perfect pillow for your needs, you’ll be well on your way to a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

How to choose and buy the perfect bed for Master bedroom

How to choose and buy the perfect bed for Master bedroom

‘Someone says that Sleeping is my drug, my bed is my dealer, and my alarm clock is the police’ 

It is true, your bed is the most lovable piece of furniture in your home. Spending your day-night time in bed, which means it’s vital that you also spend enough time to choose the right one. 

A better and sweet sleep only comes when you have a better bed…!

So, today, in this blog, you will learn how to choose and buy the perfect bed for small and master bedroom.


Tips to Choose Perfect Bed for Your Bedroom

Well, there are a lot of points need to remember to choose the outstanding bed for master bedroom. 


1. Visit Store

It begins at your nearby furniture store. Visit a reliable furniture shop where you can touch, feel, and buy a real and premium quality bed distinct with color, shape, style, and craft. 

2. Don’t Just Look

Don’t just look, lie on it… it is important to test your product to confirm for buying. Try to lie down on it, sit on it, and even jump for 1-2 times, if possible. This will help you to choose the best one from a better one. 

3. Choose a Bed Together

King Size Bed for master bedroom is a good option to go for large space, needed. If you are looking for your partner too, try to look for a king-size bed that is big in size, comfortable, and classic. 

4. Think and Compare with the Size of your Room

It is often significant to check your targeted product is the best fit in your room. So, remember the measure and size you need to welcome in your bedroom. Although, it limitless the choice of design and style, but bringing accurate and perfect is no lesser.

5. Save Space with Storage Bed

With every dilution of invention, bed gots storage facility features that aggressively making people buy. In human perception, these kinds of bed for master bedroom are best to store big stuff like utensils, seasonal clothes, important documents and more that only required once a year. 

6. Mattresses and Bed Work Cooperatively

It is frequently important that your mattresses look perfect and fit according to your bed. 

Think your bed size and shape especially from corner one, and buy according to its style that cooperatively works with your bed.

7. Finally, Pay 

At last, you just need to revise your whole work again and pay. In my opinion, pay with negotiation to save more money. Also, check for a product review, rating, details, and more things to make yourself clear. 

Now, let’s move forward to know the place where you can buy it at an affordable price without a compromise in quality and satisfaction. 

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Buy the Perfect Bed from Suman Furniture

Suman furniture is one of the customer’s prior Bed manufacturer in Jaipur that offers an affordable range of beds all differs in characteristics. Not only their products are rich in terms of quality, material finishes, and design but also their post-purchase service is making the customer visit and shop from them again and again. 

Best of luck, now you can choose the perfect and your dream bed with enough to acknowledge details. 

Thanks for reading the blog…!

Top 11 Furniture Shops in Jaipur [Updated List] | Suman Furniture Blog

Top 11 Furniture Shops in Jaipur | Best Furniture Market in Jaipur

Finding the best furniture shops in Jaipur is now easier than the earlier times of retailing. Due to the high demand for luxury life and standardization have a crucial impact on the standard of living and so home decoration.

Do you know, the Indian furniture Industry is a portfolio to be more than Rs. 60,000cr. 

Some more statistics on Furniture and Homeware as follow: 

  • Revenue in the Furniture & Homeware segment is increased by +24.4% amounted to US$ 2,041m in 2019 
  • The user penetration is 10.0% which is soon expected to hit 19.01% by 2023

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Making a plan to buy brand new furniture for the living room or want to repolish your existing furniture with the new one but have no idea where to go or whom to contact. 

Don’t be upset…! In this blog, you will find the list of best furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Jaipur that have an enrapturing brand and a stock a wide variety of elegant furniture for the home, office, school, apartment, party, special occasion, etc. 

In simple words, from your head (hair) style product to the toe fancy items, you gonna find complete design furniture set for anything. 

Let’s have a look…! 


#1. Suman Furniture – Home/Office/School Furniture Shops in Jaipur

Suman Furniture Shop in Jaipur

Location: Main stand, Nand plaza, Hathoj, Kalwar Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012

Product Line: Home Furniture, Office Furniture, School Furniture, Kids Furniture includes Sofa Set, High Back Chairs, Master Beds, Dining Table Set, Kitchen Cabinet, and more.

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Free Door Delivery, Free Installation, No Cost EMI Available, 100% Satisfaction and much more.

Average Monthly Customers: 50~100 customers walk-in

About: Suman Furniture is Jaipur’s Largest furniture brand. As a reputed furniture shop in Jaipur, they have a designer sofa set up to complete home furniture for 5 years is being a vibrant, innovative brand with a diverse portfolio. They also offer to buy furniture on EMI with or without a credit card facility.



#2. Satya Furniture – Manufacturer of Furniture in Jaipur

Satya Furniture Shop in Jaipur

Location: B52 Satya furniture main kings road near mansrovar metro station Nirman Nagar, 302019

Products: Beds, Sofa, Tables, Chairs, and Dining

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Wholesale Price

Average Monthly Customers: 40~70 customers walk-in

About: Being applause for the best quality furniture for wholesale and low-price in Jaipur, you will find the best quality Single Beds, Double Beds, and Dining Table. 



#3. Furniture Mall – Make Your Life More Comfortable


Furniture Mall


Location: 591-A, Main Kings Road Behind Chabra restaurant Nirman Nagar, Jaipur

Products: Living Room Furniture Set, Dining Set, Bedroom Set, and Sofa Set

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Best Quality & 5 Years Warranty

Average Monthly Customers: 50~90 customers walk-in

About: With a wide range of furniture for home and office, Furniture Mall offers deadly, elegant, and flexible furniture delivery at low-cost. 



#4. Chandra Furniture – Total Furniture Concept

Chandra furniture Shop in JaipurLocation: Chandra (Estate), Bapu Nagar, Main Mata ka than Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 342304

Products: Modular and Resin Art Furniture

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Best Price & Offers and Wide Assortments 

Average Monthly Customers: 20~60 customers walk-in

About: Chandra furniture is a one-step-ahead sofa set manufacturer in Jaipur that offers tech-embrace furniture at low-cost. They provide the highest level of satisfaction through design, functionality, materials, and the ADS (Added-Value-Service) with their products. 



#5. Wood Dekor – Transforming Houses into Homes Wood Dekor

Location: Metro Piller No. 97, B.S Tower, Near Reliance Fresh, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur – 302019

Products: Bar, Decor, Study Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, and Living Room

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Cart Item & High Discount Price

Average Monthly Customers: 100~500 customers walk-in

About: Being internationally famed and offer superior quality furniture for a standard room, royal people, and modern luxurious. They offer complete home solution products at a decent price range. 



#6. Bansal Furniture – Solution of Office and Home Furniture Shops in Jaipur

Bansal Furniture

Location: P. No. 62-A, or P. No. B-12, Opp. Khandelwal Tower, Vivekamamd Colony, Naya Khera, Vidhyadhar Nagar

Products: Executive Series, Sofa Series, Student Series, and more

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Wholesale price

Average Monthly Customers: 20~50 customers walk-in

About: Bansal furniture offers wholesale price home and office furniture shops in Jaipur. Find a wide range of furniture accord to your style and wish with added comfortable design at all. 



#7. Jalaram Furniture – Premium Quality Furniture in Steel


Location: Tonk Rd, Opp. Choudhary Petrol Pump, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 30203

Products: Storage, Desking, Seating, Student Furniture, Hostel Furniture, and Canteen Furniture

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Wholesale price

Average Monthly Customers: 20~40 customer walk-in 

About: Jalaram furniture offers a wide range of premium quality furniture for all types of sectors. If you are looking for a home, office, canteen, hostel, and other, you can find here. They are dealing in steel, hardwood, processed wood, stainless steel, and decorative glass. 



#8. Durian – Exclusive Furniture Shop


Location: Plot No.13, G-16-18, Jamuna Tower B-13, Govind Marg, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

Products: Bedroom, Decor, Sofas, Storage, Office, etc

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): 5 Year Warranty, Free Installation, and No Cost EMI

Average Monthly Customers: 150~300 customer walk-in

About: With over 2.5M happy customers, Durian is an aspirational furniture store that offers hundreds of premium quality products added with elegant design, polished finished, and long life support.



#9. Nil Kamal Furniture – India’s Favourite FurnitureNilkamal Furniture Shop in Jaipur

Location: Dhama Market, Premnagar Pulia, Agra Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303012

Products: Nilkamal Furniture, Nilkamal Matrezzz, and Nilkamal Bubbleguard

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): No.1 Customer Choice Brand

Average Monthly Customers: 300~400 customer walk-in

About: Nilkamal is India’s customer-centric furniture shops in Jaipur with a subset branch where you find upholstered design and premium quality home furniture, furniture matrezzz, and much more at an affordable cost. 



#10. SRK Modular Furniture – Office Furniture at Low-Price

SRK Furniture

Location: Panch Batti, Jayenti Market, Panch Batti Jayenti Market Jaipur, Near Panch Batti, M I Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Products: Office table, Workstation, Conference table, Executive table, staff table, etc.

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Competitive Price

Average Monthly Customers: 50~90 customers walk-in

About: SRK Furniture – core-centric office furniture store in Jaipur offer premium, sparkle, and affordable furniture for office and school furniture at a budget price. They have in-house manufacturing facilities for fabrication, packaging, painting, and assembling a complete range of products. 



#11. Natraj Furniture – Manufacturer and Supplier


Natraj Furniture


Location: A- 37, Opp. Reliance Fresh, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

Products: Office furniture, Molded chairs, Wardrobes, Almirah, and ladder

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Novel design, competitive price, and on-time delivery

Average Monthly Customers: 30~50 customers walk-in

About: Natraj Steel furniture and Electronics are formerly known as Natraj Furniture is an Indian based retailer and supplier of quality office furniture and other wooden & Steel furniture projects. 



Final Thought

If you are living in or nearby Jaipur city, then, this list of furniture shop near me will help you to find the best furniture shop and can surely shop for the best home, office, school, and other furniture products at low-price. 

Talking about bonus tip, for complete endeavor joy and satisfaction, you can totally recommend ‘Suman Furniture’ for best furniture suppliers in Jaipur. 

That all from our end, thanks for your time to spend on our blog…! If you have any queries or ideas, simply comment on us below.


Mattress for Bed: It’s Types and How To Choose a Good One?

Mattress for Bed It's Types and How To Choose a Good One

Everyone loves to sleep on a comfortable, spongy, and quality mattress for bed. Getting a lovely dream and falling asleep with a sweet nap is all about a perfect mattress for bed. 

So, the decision related to choosing a good mattress for bed is really a cognitive and vital thing not for your sleep but also for your bed and money. Investing worth a piece on your bed is a one-time investment. If it’s not going well, you prephap not in a budget to spend again. 

So, today in the blog, you will find different types of mattress for double bed in Jaipur and importantly how to choose a mattress for your bed. Alternatively, the people who seek a mattress for bed can look and read these tips and ultimately get the idea to buy a mattress for bed. 

Let’s get started…!


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Different Types of Mattress for Bed

Mattresses are available in huge variety ranging from spring to the form. It has a good story of evolution. 

Do you know? 

The innerspring mattress type was the first modern mattress style for bed that was developed by Berliner Heinrich Westphal in the early 1870s. Since that period, we have a variety of options. 

Thus, we will talk about the different types of mattresses for bed. There are more than tens of mattresses developed for bed. But, these five are the most common and frequently have high buying rates in the Indian market. 

Let’s check…!


Memory Foam

As a name sounds, these mattresses only consist of memory foam. These foam mattresses are good for great support, pressure relief, and body contouring. 

Memory Form Mattress

Best for: Memory foam mattresses are ideal for certain types of sleepers. Side sleepers can be used for these mattresses, those with chronic pain, and couples. Thus memory foam mattresses are good to reduce back pain.



Latex mattresses consist of Latex Foam and Support Foam. These mattresses are good for great responsiveness, comfort, bounce, and cooling.

Latex Mattress

Best for: Sleepers lovers who love bounce, cooling, and responsiveness in sleeping.



Coil mattresses are the most common type of mattress installed on beds. These are also known as innerspring which have one or more layers of spring coils . 

Coils Mattress

Best for: Sleepers who want comfort and spring type mattress with great bounce and strong edge support. 



Pillow-top mattress is a combination of coil, latex, and memory foam. Usually these types of foam are versatile and portable. Having a layer of soft material into the cover makes it more comfortable. 

Pillow Top Mattress

Best for: Sleepers who want softer and more cushion comfortness. Deeper who prefer more padding and a softer feel.



As the name suggests, it is made with a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foam, coils, and other supportive foam. These types of mattresses are best for sleepers who want all world-comfort. 

Hybrid Mattress

Best for: People who want a good quality mattress, durable, and strong support, and more benefits. Hybrid fusion mattresses are the best choice mattress for side sleepers.


Tips to choose the perfect mattress for Double Bed/Single Bed/Storage Bed

1) Understand with the concept and types of mattress for beds. 

2) Define your overall budget. 

3) Clear with the kind of firmness and comfort looking on your mattress. tips

4) Consider your sleeping side before finalizing your mattress.

5) Simply choose your best one for your sleep not for your bed. It’s different!


[Bonus Tip]

Thinking about buying a mattress for your bed? Always buy a mattress from storage bed manufacturers. The reason is simple: they engage in in-house manufacturing of mattresses with great quality and materials. And, it would cost you lower than others.


Buy double bed with mattress free


What’s Next

Hence, this is it. My worth tips on how to choose a mattress for bed will help you to buy the perfect mattress for your sleep. Always consider these five golden points to choose a good and overall mattress for your bed. 

Good luck…! 


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Beds Buying Guide: Buy a Bed at Economical Price in Jaipur

Buying a bed is important as they allow you to sleep at night, offer you privacy, gives you space to spend comfortable and quality time. 

There are various types of bed that vary in terms of sizes, storage facility, color, frame materials, and others. 

If you’re looking to buy a bed or double bed price in Jaipur then this blog is worth reading. Here you will read about beds buying guide.

Before buying a bed, there are certain thing to keep in mind: 

  • Bed Size
  • Bed Frame Material
  • Storage Options
  • Bed Type

These things are slightly helpful in buying a good bed for your room. 

Bed Sizes

A) Bed Size

Bed size is an important factor because this builds the foundation of good sleep. Know your requirement, what bed size you required. Are you alone or looking for couples even including children? 

The most common standard bed sizes are as follow: 

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B) Bed Frame Material

The next thing is the type of frame material for bed to buy. Remember, bed frames offer a much broader spectrum of choice in terms of visual appeal. There are different kinds of frames you can choose to buy. If you like a specific kind then the problem is solved, go ahead. 

Solid Wood: They come in two types – hardwood and softwood. It’s advisable to go for hardwood as they are strong and offer long-life. Also, they offer elegance, charm and a natural sophistication to any room.

Engineered Wood: These frames are made from different combinations. Wood particles, fibers or veneers with adhesive are types of material used here. They include Plywood, MDF and Particleboard or Chipboard.

Plywood: It is a type of engineered wood made from thin sheets of wood, called plies or wood veneers. They are tremendously very strong, less susceptible to water-damage, and it’s sustainable which makes it perfect for projects. 

C) Storage Options

Many homeowners think of buying beds that have a storage facility of storage. Traditionally there was no such concept, but nowadays, it’s a demand of most people. Although, storage beds are great for additional storage space in the bedroom. They help you store heavy and extra stuff uncovered. However, storage beds have a wider category, box storage bed, drawer storage bed, hydraulic storage bed, headboard storage bed, super storage bed, etc are name of few.

D) Bed Style

How can you forget your own taste! Bed is available in a variety of designs and styles as per modern and traditional. You have platform beds, Upholstered beds, Trundle beds, and Bunk beds to accommodate your fashion.

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Buy Bed At Economical Price In Jaipur

Suman furniture is a best storage bed manufacturer in Jaipur offering a variety of double beds, single beds, kids beds, king size beds, queen size beds, and more at an affordable price.