Top 5 Features Of Modern Sofa Set Should Have

Sofa played an important role in our everyday life-task. Right from offering a pleasant sitting space to comfortable sleeping and creating an aspiring charm and atmosphere – couches are a big part of our life and home. 

In our home we have different kinds and pieces of furniture such as wardrobe, study table, chair and beds that also have their importance. Beside, the sofa is the centerpiece of attraction and cherish moments. 

For instance, you invite your friend or guest for a party or other reason, they entered your space and ultimately they were surprised and gave a pleasant reaction when seeing your sofa. 

Hence, the sofa is center-piece because it is what people saw first and reacted to. 

But, all-these are external cherished things…! I mean you can’t determine the quality, aesthetic, and upholstery experience of couches through looking. 

To ensure the quality of your modern sofa set you need to polish your learning with modern sofa features. 

Read and learn the top five features of modern sofa that should present in your couches. 

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Impressive Frame Material

It is said that the quality of a sofa is associated with its present frame material. Often there are various types of sofa in terms of frame materials like hardwood, light wood, Dried hardwood, and metal. 

In general, the frames help each and every element of sofa instinct together, and incredibly important having strong and robust frame materials. 

Excellent Frame Joint 

It is also important to know how strong your sofa is. Can it hold more weights than average. While most modern sofas set use strong frame materials like beech hardwood used to provide the strength along the length, width, and height of your sofa. 

Modern sofa compared to contemporary sofa style, you will find difference between frame joints by structure, process, and design. The one major benefit of buying a modern sofa set is about 30% more strengthening frame joint availability.

Par Cushion Filling

While manufacturing couches, cushion filling is the most important process for making quality sofa as well as providing ergonomic support at the end. Cushion filling supports various sub-process jobs such as foam type, polyester fiber, and feather filling. 

In approach of making a sofa modern or up to the trends, this process follows strategically. A well-driven planning is made before execution.

Super Suspension 

In modern sofas, you will find first-rate suspension to deliver comfort and resilience. Suspension helps the inner part of the seating area, and combined with the cushion filling to provide ‘favorable’ sitting experience. 

Moreover, a good suspension system goes well against continuous withstanding someone sitting down throughout the life. The suspension available in couches are in different types. Coiled spring units, Serpentine or no-sag springs, and elastabelt webbing are a name of few. 

Comfortable Upholstery

Upholstery is a sheet material that is used to cover the modern sofa’s interior. When the above activity is completed, it is time to consider the material in which it will be upholstered.

Well there are two kinds of upholster used in sofas – Fabric and Leather. Both are well and good for long-cycle stands. But, although I have some limitations. 

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Modern Sofa Checklist

  • A solid casing made with quality hardwood 
  • Casing joints that have been stuck and dowelled, with sank corner blocks imperative zones. 
  • Premium froth, quill, or polyester fiber pad fillings that are strong and comfortable. Can likewise be a blend of a few of these fillings. 
  • Wound spring units, serpentine springs, or Elastabelt webbing that offers the correct degree of obstruction for greatest solace. 
  • Top notch upholstery material that looks and feels extravagant.

Modern Sofa By Suman Furniture

If you are looking for a corner sofa set in jaipur, take a look at our sofa collections which conspire modern design, all of which are produced by our experienced team. Also, you can buy our furniture on emi along with free door delivery and free of cost installation feature.
read: Bhu Naksha

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Fabric vs. Leather Sofas: What To Choose and Where To Buy?

fabric sofa vs leather sofa

Leather sofa vs Fabric sofa is a long-tail debate question over the internet. However, picking a good-quality sofa set for the living room, hotels, offices, and others are similar to choosing a slice of bread for your dog.

Expert says that while shopping for interior design, people convert into modest, think like a scientist, and beyond artist imagination. Does, it happens to you…!

Today, In this blog I gonna pinch you about what to buy, how to buy, and where to buy sofa set considering overall syllabus including pros and cons of leather and fabric sofas, best 2020 collection of sofa sets, and best store to buy sofa set. Read on to know those ones…!


Leather Sofa Pros and Cons (Studying The Good and Bad Side)


Leather Sofa

Do you know the average quality (run life) of leather sofa set is thrice time multiple than fabric quality sofa sets? So, Yah I must go with a leather choice. Even with leatherette vs leather sofa. Look at these trending advantages and disadvantages of a leather sofa set before finding yourself in the Darkside. 


Advantages of Leather Sofas:

  • Leather sofas are solid, thick, and long-lasting. 
  • They aren’t required high maintenance or care. 
  • It is easy to clean the spill, just wipe it down. 
  • Leather doesn’t absorb the smell or any strong fragrance. 
  • Also, it doesn’t hold any crease lines.


Disadvantages of Leather Sofas:

  • The price tag is really expensive.
  • Not good in against the scratches and signs. 
  • Less in color and pattern availability.


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Fabric Sofa Pros and Cons (Studying The Good and Bad Side)

fabric sofa

Fabric sofa also propelling as a choice of a young generation. The fabric sofa is available in a huge variety of colors and patterns. On the off chance, we can say that it’s over the limitations of leather sofa sets. Moreover, the expert says that the fabric sofa is a choice of a young mindset, adorable, good-looking, and best fit in any decoration. 

Look at these trending advantages and disadvantages of a fabric sofa set before finding yourself in the Darkside. 


Advantages of Fabric Sofa:

  • Wide Availability of Color, Size, and Material.
  • These are more comfortable, light-weight, and charming than leather sofas.
  • It’s almost no-win to give a minor scratch. 
  • They are easy to dust and clean, and can simply washable.
  • At last, you can save bucks if you go with fabric sofa sets.


Disadvantages of Fabric Sofa:

  • The big one is that it gets easier to be ruined by stains and spills. 
  • The material of the sofa absorbed the smell. 
  • You can’t think to buy fabric sofa sets if you have kids.


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Which Is Better? What to Choose? Fabric Sofa vs Leather Sofa

It’s a challenging question for people like you who are well confused between a leather sofa and fabric sofa to what bought in the home. Right…!

With these quick snippet rifles, you can simply get your answer. It will help you to drive a fair conclusion at all. Let’s start.

Fabric Sofa vs Leather Sofa

I hope that your doubts are clear…! From the table, you can see, fabric sofa is the best and peculiar solution for home decore, hotels, parties, and other occasions. However, the expert at suman furniture gave a very good statement related to home furniture products. 

‘The product quality highly depends on its manufacturing materials, as fabric uses nylon, a combination of cotton and silk sofa sets these are durable and stand good in all seasonal climates. Off the chance, leather sofa is great they are work in any condition and can go well against heavy scratches’.

Buy Comfortable Sofa In Jaipur

Looking for a leather sofa set or fabric sofa sets? Seeking a good sofa store in Jaipur? Here you can consider a good sofa manufacturer in Jaipur engage in in-house manufacturing and selling sofa set in Jaipur. Look at the list below.

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What to keep in mind before buying a Corner sofa?

What to keep in mind before buying a Corner sofa_

Buying products is a very cognitive-kind process. In some circumstances, products like home furniture or interior home design involve high density of brainstorming due to the higher price tag. 

Generally, the home furniture product such as a corner sofa is fall-in high price tag. Investing in such a buck highly required to be focused, attentive, and manful. Even some people do study before going out to buy a corner sofa

Thus, those studies we will discuss here. We will canvass about the things we should keep in mind before buying a corner sofa for home, office, hotel, or any other places. Simply, we will give you best corner sofa buying tips…!

Let’s get started…! 


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Attempt Before You Buy

It’s a universal rule that people do often, always. The proletariat people follow this rule of buying at first. While walk-into any corner sofa set in Jaipur do try before you buy. Check comfortness of the product, understand the design by logic, and match the dimension of the sofa with your place. Simply, see, sit, and study the observations and facts you collect.


Put resources into a Good Frame

Always remember a quality frame gives your sofa a good spawn of life. A solid hardwood frame is a good option. Avoid the frame that screws with steel attached. Always prefer to buy a product (if frame conscious) who offer at least five years of guarantee. Also do check the strength of frame joints.


Check The Cushions 

Don’t forget that the sofa is used to sit not for a showcase piece. When it comes to the sofa back and seat, generally, feather-filled cushions are high on comfort but require high maintenance while fibre-filled cushions may lose their shape over time. 


Concentrate On a Fabric

The decision to choose the best fabric sofa material is crucial because it’s what you’re paying for. Hence, fabric is the centered point to keep in mind to always select the good one. If you like silk, cotton, wool and linen – then a natural fabric sofa type is good. Alternate, liken polyester, nylon, and olefin so much – synthetics and leather fabric sofa type is worth. Both are good options. Hence, this is one of the worth corner sofa buying tips to consider.


Do the Math

At last, gear up for math. Honestly nothing is worse than buying home furniture that doesn’t fit. The simple trick to measure sofa and buy with truly fit-one. This is what you need to do. Cut out the shape of your sofa from newspaper and place it on the floor in the room or simply take a measure of your space with a measurement tool and match with the selected sofa at the shop. 

corner sofa measurement


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What’s Next

Before leaving out this blog ‘corner sofa buying tips’, for sure, try these. Often, add these into your consideration to avoid getting sick with your choice. These tips are worth and help hundreds of buyers of our own. And they are thankful to us. We are sofa manufacturers in Jaipur have varying sofa designs in comprehensive style that utter your lifestyle. Visit and Check.


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Sofa Set Design: Latest Sofa Set Design Images [New Design Sofa Set 2020]

In the middle of comfort and stress, you have couches by your side…! It helps you in a variety of ways such as offer a comfortable place, creates an aesthetic atmosphere and much more. 

Perhaps, Sofa is the third most expensive item after buying a home and car. Thus, people think very actively to buy a quality, modern, and genuine kind sofa set, in any way. 

We at Suman furniture as a leading sofa set manufacturer in Jaipur have the latest collection of modern sofa sets. Look at these sofa set images that inspired you to buy our all new design sofa set. 

You will find wooden sofa set images, leather sofa set design, upholster sofa set design, and much more. 

Take a look…


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Coffee Design 5 Seater Sofa Set
Coffee Design 5 Seater Sofa Set

Comes in coffee cum looking design this beast has a large five seater (three in front and two on right side) uses soft fabric to deliver extra comfort.

Rose Brown 5 seater sofa set
Rose Brown 5 seater sofa set

Embracing the modern design, this stunning looking sofa set design is the heart of many people. It has all the qualities of comfortness, elegance, and beauty.

Achromatic L Shape Sofa Set Design
Achromatic L Shape Sofa Set Design

To bring in sung and style, this slategrey monster L-Shape left aligned corner sofa is the perfect addition for your home. The sofa is made over a solid-wood base.

Dark Olive Green 7 Seater Sofa Set
Dark Olive Green 7 Seater Sofa Set

This olive green modern sofa set comes in linen design that is absolutely amazing and unbolts your mood every time when you sit on it.

Brown Color 5 Seater Sofa Set
Brown Color 5 Seater Sofa Set

It’s the upgraded version of olive green modern sofa set that comes in solid brown color with strong furnishing and finishing that makes it more immurenable.

Cadetblue 5 Seater Sofa Set
Cadetblue 5 Seater Sofa Set

Beautiful cadetblue sofa set having five seating spaces that have charcoal finish arm at one-side.

Moccasin L Shape Corner Sofa + Couch Bed
Moccasin L Shape Corner Sofa + Couch Bed

Out of all this is one of the themes ‘a queen’ of all sofa set design images comes in old moccasin color with brown heads along with a sofa bed.

Antique Gray 7 Seater Sofa Set
Antique Gray 7 Seater Sofa Set

Need comfort? This antique and aesthetic gray color seven seater sofa set compiles extra soft fabric built to deliver you the unmatched level of comfort-zone all-time.

Perylene Red L Shape Sofa Set
Perylene Red L Shape Sofa Set

In our vault, this is the most lovable and nonetheless stunning design corner sofa for the living room. If you love perylene red, this is one you can look for!

Blanched Almond L Shape Corner Sofa Set
Blanched Almond L Shape Corner Sofa Set

Do you love sofa cum bed design couches? This almond color L shaped modern design sofa for the corner wall also loves you and is excited to come into your home. Shop for this style today!

Aqua blue 5 Seater Sofa Set
Aqua blue 5 Seater Sofa Set

A 5 seater corner sofa in aqua blue colour with the touch of blue colour forms a beautiful furniture unit for any style of the living area.

Maroon L Shape Sofa Set
Maroon L Shape Sofa Set

Maroon L – Shape Right Aligned Corner Sofa is a royal sofa that brings in an ethereal appeal to the decor. It’s especially built for special events and large size halls or living rooms.

Hey you glanced all…! What you’re thinking now! Buy these classic, gentle, and modern kind sofas set in EMI and replenish your home once again.

[The Five Best] Summer Season Sofa Style To Buy For Your Home

Five Different Sofa Set to Buy for your Home this Summer

Hey! Summer season is here…! 

Did you make any plans to buy home furniture? If yes, We have written something special for you. 

Are you a sofa lover? Because we are…! We love to design and manufacture sofas for all seasons. And for sure you love buying and decorating your home. 

Have a look at these trending and popular summer sofa set types to buy this summer season. 

Read till the end, to know where to buy them all at good price.


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Five Summer Vibrant Different Style of Sofas For Home

When it comes to buying a sofa set, you can’t deny the season. Especially, when you’re in a hot climate. You need to look at these fancy, elegant, and vibrant summer sofa set types before you look at others.


#1. The Ottoman Sofa

This antic piece of sofa furniture came from the Ottoman Empire. At that time it was used to be a centerpiece for seating. Thus, is what we can today as ‘living space’. 

Ottoman sofa is greatly used as a coffee table and sometimes it becomes your friend to sit on it alone, having fun. 

#2. The Round Arm Sofa

The round arm sofa is one of the most appraising pieces of sofa set for many homeowners. Perhaps, it is the best sofa set shop in Jaipur and across India. It’s round-arm shaped design delivers utmost comfortable and premium feeling while sitting on it. In summer times, it becomes the most used piece of furniture due to many reasons. 

Round Arm Sofa

#3. The Wooden Arm Sofa

In the summer season, the wooden arm sofa may be considered the best for sitting and at the same time enjoying. You can move anywhere from inside to outside due to low-weight, flexibility, and easy to relocate. 

It is considered a simple type of sofa set from others and off the hook it do not eat you time like other sofa types. 

Wooden Arm Sofa

#4. Barrelback Sofas

Somewhat looking sofa chairs called as barrelback sofas are great in every climate ranging from summer, rainy, and winter. An extremely direct couch type that has been appropriately named all things considered since the ebb and flow of the back stretches out right to the arms.

Barrel Back Sofa

#5. L Shape Loveseat Sofa

The Corner sofa set is pronounced by unlike names such as 5 seater, 7 seater, and sometimes loveseat sofa. For families having 5-10 members in a home, this style of sofa is vibrant to meet with the demand for home. 

L Shape Sofa

Where To Buy? 

Perhaps, you’re thinking of buying good sofa furniture for your home this summer season. But from where…! 

Right! Let Suman Furniture help you…! 

Suman Furniture is a largest hub of sofa set manufacturers in Jaipur which design, mancraft, and offer quality sofa sets at decent prices. All these types of sofa sets you can buy from here. Moreover, not only this, you can shop for complete home furniture there. 

Visit Website


What’s Next

Thinking what next to do? Oh! It’s a simple, walk-in suman furniture store today! Shop for these summer sofa set sofa sets at low-price. Bring the summer season in your home with different summer sofa style furniture. 

Good Luck…!

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Why your sofa is one of the important furniture pieces in your house?

‘It probably corrects that the sofa is only friend with pillows so fluff, Time to Nap’

How many of you use your sofa for a Nap? Usually, we don’t, especially Indian peoples. But occasionally, we sit and if its boring time, we usually take a nap, leaving our bed empty for hours. 

Being just an important part of your nap, Sofa is the only artistic piece of furniture of the home which does multiple works in a day, even more than a man does.

Reading books, watching shows and movies, chatting and laughing with friends, eating and spilling drinks and teas, welcoming guests with comfort, and a lot more your couch carry out. 

Do you know? A premium level designer sofa set can last stay for 2,958 days which is more than 8 years. 

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Indeed, if you’re interior lover, and If I ask you that ‘pick a hard one piece of living room furniture as deadly important’… I am 100% sure that you’d probably pick your sofa. 

Now, you are thinking why? 

There are a lot of reasons, but here are major compelling ones to keep support my statement. 

Let’s get to know them…!

No. 1 – The Most Expensive Piece In The Room 

After house and car, people spend their investment to buy a cozy and comfortable sofa set for their home. So, you can say that it’s the third most high expensive piece of home furniture. 

That’s why it makes sense to protect that investment, to act, people silently become conscious and take gently action like fabric protection, dustproof, cleaning, and sometimes keep shifting sofa at seasonally. 

No. 2 – It Used Frequently 

There is no doubt, I have already confirmed that the home sofa does work more than a man work in a day. It is the perfect setting for all. For a small house, a single sofa set work 2x more jobs than 5 seater or L shape sofa set does. 

Thus, your couch is no doubt an exceptionally challenged trophy with regularly changing proprietors.

No. 3 – Most Comfortable Spot

Yup! You heard it right, finding a place where you can get peace along with entertainment -there you go, move to your sofa. Moreover, at kids’ age, they are more connected to your sofa and frequently utilize more than an hour on it. 

So, yah! For every age, whether its kids, youngsters, marriage, or old ages people find the most comfortable spot in the room pointing one hand towards Sofa. 

Buy Sofa in Jaipur
No. 4 – It is the perfect Glance 

Home is the most beautiful infrastructure that you have with you. But it has no beauty without charm, elegant, and decisive piece of furniture. Simply, installing a complete set of home decore doesn’t glance at you if you don’t have an anchor piece of furniture i.e. Sofa. 

To hook this up, without it, you won’t create the impression of a style, attractive living room, and blink of lightening in your home. 

No. 5 – It’s The Modern Culture Demand

If you’re living in the modern age, seriously, without a sofa you can’t utilize your day, at comfort. From modern philosophy, comfort demand for Sofa and so as you. 

Modern Sofa Set

Buy sofa set from manufacturer have a stock advantage to choose from widest range and collections. You have the option to bring the most famous and antique piece in your home. 


At last, with a sweet ending, these are the core reasons that make Sofa the world’s most loving and undying piece of home furniture. After reading these points, I am sure you will look for an elegant and distinctive art of sofa set. 

So, Good Luck…!

How To Choose Right Sofa Color for Living Room? [5 Steps]

how to choose sofa color

For beginners, it is hard to acknowledge in choosing the right color for the sofa for home, living room, and bedroom. It is likely hard to choose a gorgeous dress for a party. 

For some people, their home and art is a whole thing, so it is important to choose the right color for the sofa. Occasionally, some people fail to choose the right design, material, and color of their sofa. And, in the end, they regret and rub-hands. 

If you don’t want to show and hail on your decision, you need to read this friendly guide. In this guide you will familiar with the color pattern, theory, and code, foremostly, you will finally come to learn how to choose a sofa color. 


Some facts about color code!

  1. Red is the most impressive shading among all. It tends to invigorate the mind and stand out. 
  2. Blue is the King of all hues as it is the most noticeable among them. It interprets dependability and a feeling of reliance on the individuals. 
  3. Individuals see green as a wellspring of peacefulness and harmony as it is firmly identified with nature. 
  4. Yellow holds vitality and warmth. Yellow is the symbolism of the sun which makes it a shade of expectation and confidence. 
  5. Dark transmits style and force. Individuals see dark as the most noteworthy in class and status. 
  6. Dim is an impartial shading that anesthetizes the psyche. It recommends a sentiment of serenity and quietness.


[Source link: Kissmetrics]


How to Choose Right Sofa Color? 

Are you searching for how to decide the right color for fabric and leather sofas? Have no idea what color is a good match to look on your sofa. Don’t worry here you get your answer. Keep reading…!

At suman furniture, the expert says color doesn’t need to set, they are such an amazing, they explicitly fit into any area, paper, place, and furniture. 

But, escorting this theory won’t help you to choose the right sofa color. So, here are the most simple guide (viral on the internet) mentioned below:

1) Select Sofa Material (Fabric vs Leather)

Most of the people don’t know whether a leather sofa is a good or fabric couch better for home. However, leather is expensive and have thrice time long-running life than a fabric sofa, they are costless, available in wider variant, size, and color than leather sofa set. 

Choosing the right sofa color, it is important to pick a good sofa material. So, be optimistic here. 


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2) Select Sofa Types (Neutral, Modern, Accent)

Nowadays, people first think about the sofa, then thinking about building the home, shift to the new one, etc. Here, you need to figure out what type of sofa is good for all-season. 

The neutral sofa is much in demand right now due to less-expensive, easy to handle, and easy to care. 

The Modern sofa set is all you need to look about, rich in comfort, stylish, elegant, and modest. 

The Accent sofa is a totally off-the concept as compared to neutral and modern. It has a long wooden leg, flatter sitting space, and little weight. 

So, be optimistic here too.


3) Select the Sofa Size (Two, Three, or Five Seater Sofa)

It is the most important step…! Analyzing the sofa zone where it will be set-up, it is hardcore important to choose sofa size. If you have a small living room or bedroom, you must go with a two-seater sofa set or a corner sofa set with one chair combination. Slightly you can go with a three and five-seater sofa if you have a good amount of space and want to rich your home with beauty. 


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4) Look Atmosphere Color (Floor, Wall, and Doors)

Look out atmosphere color i.e. your floor, wall, beds, doors, artifacts, painting, chairs, pictures, lights, etc. See, Think, and Keep Thinking what color is the best fit for your chosen sofa. For instance, you have a brown or white floor and walls that have too, black, grey, and sky-blue are the best color to go with. 

However, there is one more alternate way to select a color. Look whether your floor has a dark color or light color if it is dark, then, dark sofa color (with floor matching color) is the best color to choose and vise-a-versa.


5) Pick A Color (White, Green, Blue, Black)

At last, be smart and artist…! Pick a specific color. Most sofas look brilliant and elegant in white, green, blue, and black sofa sets for any home design. 


Bonus Tip

Walk-In at Suman Furniture, best sofa manufacturer in Jaipur that has hundreds of brilliant handcraft design sofa sets for home, office, hotel, school, etc. They have experts that will help you to pick the right color for your sofa set. 

Visit Website


In the end, these simple and easy to understand guides on how to choose a sofa color will help you to select the right color. Although, you can look out some interior design magazines, check popular and viral interior design videos for more reference and clear ideas.  



How To Clean A Sofa?

The sofa is one of the most basic furniture items in every home. A lot of time is spent here during family movie nights or while playing board games. Not surprisingly, then, it can get dirty pretty quickly. 

Therefore, it is advised to give your sofa a good cleaning from time to time. You can also hire a professional who can complete the task or try it yourself. Discover some useful tips on how to clean a sofa without ruining its colour or damaging it.

Why is routine sofa cleaning essential?

A sofa should be thoroughly cleaned for reasons other than just interior design. The most important thing is to remove all potentially dangerous contaminants. 

Dust and small particles left on the sofa upholstery can be a threat, especially for allergy sufferers. In addition, when cleaning the sofa, odours that penetrate the furniture, for example, from the kitchen, are removed.

Regular cleaning of the sofa also helps to keep the fabric in good condition. Many believe that avoiding cleanliness equals less damage. But the reality is different. Upholstery that has never been cleaned must be replaced first.

How often is a sofa cleaned?

There is no single answer to the question of how often a sofa should be cleaned. Basic cleaning, such as vacuuming, should be done once a week as part of regular household chores. Thanks to this, excessive accumulation of dirt in the depths of the fabric can be avoided.

As for the more thorough cleaning of the sofa, it depends a lot on the upholstery material. Light fabrics get dirty much faster, so in this case, the sofa requires cleaning every two months (usually every 3-4 months ). However, you typically only need to do it once every six months.

Can any sofa be washed at home?

Don’t forget to select the appropriate method for the sofa’s upholstery fabric. Most materials can be cleaned with household solutions without concern for any damage. But if the fabric is exceptionally delicate, you may not be able to use water or particular detergents.

To avoid damaging the furniture, make sure you know the specific characteristics of the fabric and the cleaning methods allowed before you decide to do anything.

Sofa cleaning: If it is not washed, then what?

If your sofa cannot be washed with the usual methods, and you do not want to hire a specialist every time you have to clean the sofa, limit yourself to daily furniture care.

  • We recommend using a special vacuum attachment to remove dirt every two days, which is more frequently than once a week.
  • Use specialised lint rollers for clothing; they work wonders on fabric furniture. Thanks to them, you will be able to remove the hair of your pets, as well as small particles of dirt that are not visible to the naked eye. They perfectly adhere to the adhesive surface.

Also, avoid eating on the couch. In this way, you will be able to protect the sofa from crumbling which can cause small discolourations or grease stains.

How do you clean a faux leather sofa?

Faux leather is quite resistant to dirt, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cleaned. In this case, dust and other small particles of the material must be removed. You can do this with a delicate microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Special sofa cleaners are the best products for cleaning them. In the absence of any, you can use plain water diluted with a few drops of dish or liquid soap.

For synthetic leather, some cleaning agents should not be used. Are:

  • abrasive pastes,
  • bleaching agents,
  • alcohols,
  • products containing kerosene or ammonia,
  • acetone-based products.

Do you want to restore the shine of yesteryear to your faux leather sofa? No problem. We have a method that will not cost you more than a few pennies. Just use regular Vaseline and rub it on your sofa. Keep in mind to wait until the product sinks before sitting on it.

How do you clean a leather sofa?

Natural leather needs special treatment. Therefore, we recommend using special products specially designed for this type of surface. They contain not only cleansing ingredients but also conditioners that provide a beautiful shine.

Don’t have any special cleaner on hand and want to quickly remove stains from your sofa? Use warm water with a little soap (or better, soap flakes). Clean the stain, allow it to dry and finally polish it using, for example, linseed oil; I’m sure you can find it in your kitchen.

How to remove grease stains from a sofa?

A moment’s inattention and a new grease stain appear on your sofa. It’s a likely scenario, especially if you have a young child. Do not panic. You can remove the stain as quickly as it was made. You most likely already have potato flour in your kitchen, so use that.

  • Pour a little flour on the stain.
  • Rub the material with a soft cloth.
  • Wait 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Vacuum the stained area.

If necessary, you can also wipe the surface of the sofa with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel.

Juice or wine stains? Make a Couch Cleaner with Lemon Soda

Have you accidentally spilt raspberry or cherry juice, or even worse – wine? You can solve this problem yourself, as long as you react immediately.

Prepare your own furniture cleaner. Mix the juice of half a lemon and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Add a litre of water and you can start cleaning the sofa.

The baking soda and lemon juice method is suitable for materials that are not prone to discolouration. If you are not sure how the fabric will react, test the solution on an invisible stain.

How to clean a sofa with vinegar – for especially stubborn stains!

Even faux leather sofas can get tough stains. Your best course of action in this situation is a unique vinegar and oil mixture. Interestingly, this homemade cleaner must be prepared in a 1:1 ratio. Combine the mixture by adding 200 ml of vinegar to 200 ml of oil. Dip a soft cloth in it and start cleaning your sofa.

The vinegar smell of the mixture is quite strong, so make sure to air out the room for a few hours after cleaning, or use a special indoor perfume and spray it to mask the vinegar smell.

Steam cleaning a sofa – quick and easy!

Upholstered furniture can be easily cleaned with a steam cleaner. This is an invaluable device that can remove not only various types of dirt but also bacteria and mites. This type of cleaning is especially important for allergy sufferers.

Steam cleaning a sofa is quick and easy – anyone can do it. In addition, it is ideal for neutralising unpleasant odours. It is also a proven method for cleaning a mattress and carpet. Steam cleaners are an incomparable help in a home.

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[3 Simple Guide] – How to choose and buy a Quality sofa set for Home

how to choose and buy a quality sofa set for home

‘The Quality is not a feat, it is a Habit, that required homework’

There is an old saying that your home is the only place where you charm, innovate, express thoughts, and do more stupid creativity. And do you know, all these inspiring ideas come when you ideal sit on your sofa. 

Sofa plays a crucial role in the home, it is a place for kids where they pampered, the place for watching your favorite shows, a place where you read and commonly sit in a day. 

In case, if you’re looking to choose and buy a quality sofa set for home, lounge, park, party, or something else. These guides will help you a lot. 

Before looking at any sofa set manufacturer, it is important to do your homework before choosing any designer sofa.  

So, let’s get a move to the guide…!

How to Choose Elegant Sofa Set For Home?

Following are the simple and easy to understand guide to choose a designer sofa set for home:

Guide No. 1 – Do some Math, Measure your Area

It starts with roping and measurement, you need to exactly figure the size and area that required to hold and place your designer sofa set. In such a case, take measurement stuff from your door and start measuring the area that comprises place for couch.

Moreover, one important thing needs to consider is the location. It is important to place the sofa in a very perfect place. 

Guide No. 2 – Choose Sofa Categories

Well, you have a variety of designer sofa set options to choose from. So, don’t be washed out, try to figure out what exact type of sofa you want to welcome in your home. 

To select, consider these types of factors such as requirements, type of job, type of location, type of room, etc. will help you select the type of sofa set as mentioned.

various types of sofa set

Guide No. 3 – Design, Color, and Brand

Always remember that ‘Design is intelligence art of work that made visible to all’. So, take out your intelligence out from your mind to craft magnificent design. 

‘Color has a solemn power which directly influences the soul’ and it’s true, so choose the color that blight you from inside. 

‘Brand is another name of promise’ if you have the brand perception that kept a good promise, for sure, you can make a buy from there. In case, if don’t, you might need to search for the good brand that kept the promise. 

If you follow these steps, I am saying you won’t regret, you will be applause…! 

After reading how to choose an all-round sofa set for you home, let get to know where you can buy…!

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Read More: Furniture shop in Jaipur: 11 Tips to choose the best Furniture Store

Buy a Quality Sofa Set For your Home

Many people fail to buy an authentic, enriched quality, and elegant sofa set which leads them to buy it again or falling tear on the money. 

If you want to buy a quality sofa set for your home, you must search for the best furniture shop in Jaipur or any other location you live in. 

I have one brand name that kept the promise to deliver a quality product at a competitive price…! 

Suman Furniture is Jaipur, Rajasthan leading sofa set shop in Jaipur that has a wide variety, color, design, style, and premium sofa set for all types of requirements. They allow their customers to buy their beautiful range of home decor products online and offline. You may visit their website and explore 100+ design of sofa set with pictures and features. 

In case you don’t want to go online, you have the option to visit their store established at Kalwar Road, Jaipur. 

Well, I hope you enjoy this blog…! Thanks for reading 🙂

Top 11 Furniture Shops in Jaipur [Updated List] | Suman Furniture Blog

Top 11 Furniture Shops in Jaipur | Best Furniture Market in Jaipur

Finding the best furniture shops in Jaipur is now easier than the earlier times of retailing. Due to the high demand for luxury life and standardization have a crucial impact on the standard of living and so home decoration.

Do you know, the Indian furniture Industry is a portfolio to be more than Rs. 60,000cr. 

Some more statistics on Furniture and Homeware as follow: 

  • Revenue in the Furniture & Homeware segment is increased by +24.4% amounted to US$ 2,041m in 2019 
  • The user penetration is 10.0% which is soon expected to hit 19.01% by 2023

Want to look more: Furniture and Homeware Stats with Graph

Making a plan to buy brand new furniture for the living room or want to repolish your existing furniture with the new one but have no idea where to go or whom to contact. 

Don’t be upset…! In this blog, you will find the list of best furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Jaipur that have an enrapturing brand and a stock a wide variety of elegant furniture for the home, office, school, apartment, party, special occasion, etc. 

In simple words, from your head (hair) style product to the toe fancy items, you gonna find complete design furniture set for anything. 

Let’s have a look…! 


#1. Suman Furniture – Home/Office/School Furniture Shops in Jaipur

Suman Furniture Shop in Jaipur

Location: Main stand, Nand plaza, Hathoj, Kalwar Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012

Product Line: Home Furniture, Office Furniture, School Furniture, Kids Furniture includes Sofa Set, High Back Chairs, Master Beds, Dining Table Set, Kitchen Cabinet, and more.

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Free Door Delivery, Free Installation, No Cost EMI Available, 100% Satisfaction and much more.

Average Monthly Customers: 50~100 customers walk-in

About: Suman Furniture is Jaipur’s Largest furniture brand. As a reputed furniture shop in Jaipur, they have a designer sofa set up to complete home furniture for 5 years is being a vibrant, innovative brand with a diverse portfolio. They also offer to buy furniture on EMI with or without a credit card facility.



#2. Satya Furniture – Manufacturer of Furniture in Jaipur

Satya Furniture Shop in Jaipur

Location: B52 Satya furniture main kings road near mansrovar metro station Nirman Nagar, 302019

Products: Beds, Sofa, Tables, Chairs, and Dining

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Wholesale Price

Average Monthly Customers: 40~70 customers walk-in

About: Being applause for the best quality furniture for wholesale and low-price in Jaipur, you will find the best quality Single Beds, Double Beds, and Dining Table. 



#3. Furniture Mall – Make Your Life More Comfortable


Furniture Mall


Location: 591-A, Main Kings Road Behind Chabra restaurant Nirman Nagar, Jaipur

Products: Living Room Furniture Set, Dining Set, Bedroom Set, and Sofa Set

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Best Quality & 5 Years Warranty

Average Monthly Customers: 50~90 customers walk-in

About: With a wide range of furniture for home and office, Furniture Mall offers deadly, elegant, and flexible furniture delivery at low-cost. 



#4. Chandra Furniture – Total Furniture Concept

Chandra furniture Shop in JaipurLocation: Chandra (Estate), Bapu Nagar, Main Mata ka than Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 342304

Products: Modular and Resin Art Furniture

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Best Price & Offers and Wide Assortments 

Average Monthly Customers: 20~60 customers walk-in

About: Chandra furniture is a one-step-ahead sofa set manufacturer in Jaipur that offers tech-embrace furniture at low-cost. They provide the highest level of satisfaction through design, functionality, materials, and the ADS (Added-Value-Service) with their products. 



#5. Wood Dekor – Transforming Houses into Homes Wood Dekor

Location: Metro Piller No. 97, B.S Tower, Near Reliance Fresh, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur – 302019

Products: Bar, Decor, Study Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, and Living Room

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Cart Item & High Discount Price

Average Monthly Customers: 100~500 customers walk-in

About: Being internationally famed and offer superior quality furniture for a standard room, royal people, and modern luxurious. They offer complete home solution products at a decent price range. 



#6. Bansal Furniture – Solution of Office and Home Furniture Shops in Jaipur

Bansal Furniture

Location: P. No. 62-A, or P. No. B-12, Opp. Khandelwal Tower, Vivekamamd Colony, Naya Khera, Vidhyadhar Nagar

Products: Executive Series, Sofa Series, Student Series, and more

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Wholesale price

Average Monthly Customers: 20~50 customers walk-in

About: Bansal furniture offers wholesale price home and office furniture shops in Jaipur. Find a wide range of furniture accord to your style and wish with added comfortable design at all. 



#7. Jalaram Furniture – Premium Quality Furniture in Steel


Location: Tonk Rd, Opp. Choudhary Petrol Pump, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 30203

Products: Storage, Desking, Seating, Student Furniture, Hostel Furniture, and Canteen Furniture

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Wholesale price

Average Monthly Customers: 20~40 customer walk-in 

About: Jalaram furniture offers a wide range of premium quality furniture for all types of sectors. If you are looking for a home, office, canteen, hostel, and other, you can find here. They are dealing in steel, hardwood, processed wood, stainless steel, and decorative glass. 



#8. Durian – Exclusive Furniture Shop


Location: Plot No.13, G-16-18, Jamuna Tower B-13, Govind Marg, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

Products: Bedroom, Decor, Sofas, Storage, Office, etc

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): 5 Year Warranty, Free Installation, and No Cost EMI

Average Monthly Customers: 150~300 customer walk-in

About: With over 2.5M happy customers, Durian is an aspirational furniture store that offers hundreds of premium quality products added with elegant design, polished finished, and long life support.



#9. Nil Kamal Furniture – India’s Favourite FurnitureNilkamal Furniture Shop in Jaipur

Location: Dhama Market, Premnagar Pulia, Agra Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303012

Products: Nilkamal Furniture, Nilkamal Matrezzz, and Nilkamal Bubbleguard

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): No.1 Customer Choice Brand

Average Monthly Customers: 300~400 customer walk-in

About: Nilkamal is India’s customer-centric furniture shops in Jaipur with a subset branch where you find upholstered design and premium quality home furniture, furniture matrezzz, and much more at an affordable cost. 



#10. SRK Modular Furniture – Office Furniture at Low-Price

SRK Furniture

Location: Panch Batti, Jayenti Market, Panch Batti Jayenti Market Jaipur, Near Panch Batti, M I Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Products: Office table, Workstation, Conference table, Executive table, staff table, etc.

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Competitive Price

Average Monthly Customers: 50~90 customers walk-in

About: SRK Furniture – core-centric office furniture store in Jaipur offer premium, sparkle, and affordable furniture for office and school furniture at a budget price. They have in-house manufacturing facilities for fabrication, packaging, painting, and assembling a complete range of products. 



#11. Natraj Furniture – Manufacturer and Supplier


Natraj Furniture


Location: A- 37, Opp. Reliance Fresh, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

Products: Office furniture, Molded chairs, Wardrobes, Almirah, and ladder

USP(Unique Selling Proposition): Novel design, competitive price, and on-time delivery

Average Monthly Customers: 30~50 customers walk-in

About: Natraj Steel furniture and Electronics are formerly known as Natraj Furniture is an Indian based retailer and supplier of quality office furniture and other wooden & Steel furniture projects. 



Final Thought

If you are living in or nearby Jaipur city, then, this list of furniture shop near me will help you to find the best furniture shop and can surely shop for the best home, office, school, and other furniture products at low-price. 

Talking about bonus tip, for complete endeavor joy and satisfaction, you can totally recommend ‘Suman Furniture’ for best furniture suppliers in Jaipur. 

That all from our end, thanks for your time to spend on our blog…! If you have any queries or ideas, simply comment on us below.