How To Clean A Sofa?

How To Clean A Sofa?

How To Clean A Sofa?

The sofa is one of the most basic furniture items in every home. A lot of time is spent here during family movie nights or while playing board games. Not surprisingly, then, it can get dirty pretty quickly. 

Therefore, it is advised to give your sofa a good cleaning from time to time. You can also hire a professional who can complete the task or try it yourself. Discover some useful tips on how to clean a sofa without ruining its colour or damaging it.

Why is routine sofa cleaning essential?

A sofa should be thoroughly cleaned for reasons other than just interior design. The most important thing is to remove all potentially dangerous contaminants. 

Dust and small particles left on the sofa upholstery can be a threat, especially for allergy sufferers. In addition, when cleaning the sofa, odours that penetrate the furniture, for example, from the kitchen, are removed.

Regular cleaning of the sofa also helps to keep the fabric in good condition. Many believe that avoiding cleanliness equals less damage. But the reality is different. Upholstery that has never been cleaned must be replaced first.

How often is a sofa cleaned?

There is no single answer to the question of how often a sofa should be cleaned. Basic cleaning, such as vacuuming, should be done once a week as part of regular household chores. Thanks to this, excessive accumulation of dirt in the depths of the fabric can be avoided.

As for the more thorough cleaning of the sofa, it depends a lot on the upholstery material. Light fabrics get dirty much faster, so in this case, the sofa requires cleaning every two months (usually every 3-4 months ). However, you typically only need to do it once every six months.

Can any sofa be washed at home?

Don’t forget to select the appropriate method for the sofa’s upholstery fabric. Most materials can be cleaned with household solutions without concern for any damage. But if the fabric is exceptionally delicate, you may not be able to use water or particular detergents.

To avoid damaging the furniture, make sure you know the specific characteristics of the fabric and the cleaning methods allowed before you decide to do anything.

Sofa cleaning: If it is not washed, then what?

If your sofa cannot be washed with the usual methods, and you do not want to hire a specialist every time you have to clean the sofa, limit yourself to daily furniture care.

  • We recommend using a special vacuum attachment to remove dirt every two days, which is more frequently than once a week.
  • Use specialised lint rollers for clothing; they work wonders on fabric furniture. Thanks to them, you will be able to remove the hair of your pets, as well as small particles of dirt that are not visible to the naked eye. They perfectly adhere to the adhesive surface.

Also, avoid eating on the couch. In this way, you will be able to protect the sofa from crumbling which can cause small discolourations or grease stains.

How do you clean a faux leather sofa?

Faux leather is quite resistant to dirt, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cleaned. In this case, dust and other small particles of the material must be removed. You can do this with a delicate microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Special sofa cleaners are the best products for cleaning them. In the absence of any, you can use plain water diluted with a few drops of dish or liquid soap.

For synthetic leather, some cleaning agents should not be used. Are:

  • abrasive pastes,
  • bleaching agents,
  • alcohols,
  • products containing kerosene or ammonia,
  • acetone-based products.

Do you want to restore the shine of yesteryear to your faux leather sofa? No problem. We have a method that will not cost you more than a few pennies. Just use regular Vaseline and rub it on your sofa. Keep in mind to wait until the product sinks before sitting on it.

How do you clean a leather sofa?

Natural leather needs special treatment. Therefore, we recommend using special products specially designed for this type of surface. They contain not only cleansing ingredients but also conditioners that provide a beautiful shine.

Don’t have any special cleaner on hand and want to quickly remove stains from your sofa? Use warm water with a little soap (or better, soap flakes). Clean the stain, allow it to dry and finally polish it using, for example, linseed oil; I’m sure you can find it in your kitchen.

How to remove grease stains from a sofa?

A moment’s inattention and a new grease stain appear on your sofa. It’s a likely scenario, especially if you have a young child. Do not panic. You can remove the stain as quickly as it was made. You most likely already have potato flour in your kitchen, so use that.

  • Pour a little flour on the stain.
  • Rub the material with a soft cloth.
  • Wait 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Vacuum the stained area.

If necessary, you can also wipe the surface of the sofa with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel.

Juice or wine stains? Make a Couch Cleaner with Lemon Soda

Have you accidentally spilt raspberry or cherry juice, or even worse – wine? You can solve this problem yourself, as long as you react immediately.

Prepare your own furniture cleaner. Mix the juice of half a lemon and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Add a litre of water and you can start cleaning the sofa.

The baking soda and lemon juice method is suitable for materials that are not prone to discolouration. If you are not sure how the fabric will react, test the solution on an invisible stain.

How to clean a sofa with vinegar – for especially stubborn stains!

Even faux leather sofas can get tough stains. Your best course of action in this situation is a unique vinegar and oil mixture. Interestingly, this homemade cleaner must be prepared in a 1:1 ratio. Combine the mixture by adding 200 ml of vinegar to 200 ml of oil. Dip a soft cloth in it and start cleaning your sofa.

The vinegar smell of the mixture is quite strong, so make sure to air out the room for a few hours after cleaning, or use a special indoor perfume and spray it to mask the vinegar smell.

Steam cleaning a sofa – quick and easy!

Upholstered furniture can be easily cleaned with a steam cleaner. This is an invaluable device that can remove not only various types of dirt but also bacteria and mites. This type of cleaning is especially important for allergy sufferers.

Steam cleaning a sofa is quick and easy – anyone can do it. In addition, it is ideal for neutralising unpleasant odours. It is also a proven method for cleaning a mattress and carpet. Steam cleaners are an incomparable help in a home.

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