Furniture stores in Kota

Furniture stores in Kota

Furniture stores in Kota

The challenge of selecting the ideal piece of furniture is difficult. Everything matters, from the sort of wood used to the final finish and from the colors to consider how it will look in the house. All we can say is that purchasing furniture is not something that should be done by one person. In light of the situation, the renowned furniture stores in Kota listed below offer a large selection of different types of furniture as well as professional guidance to help you make your decision.

1. Sudarshan Shilp – Best Furniture Stores in Kota

The adventure began in 1977 at the Kota retail center. Since that time, they have been delivering the highest caliber wood furniture shop in Kota. Manufacturing teakwood furniture, residential and commercial interior design projects, artifacts, and furnishing are the specialties of Sudarshan Shilp. One of the largest furniture exhibits in North India, encompassing 60,000 square feet, has a 15000 square foot area. Sudarshan Shilp is one of the few furniture studios that has a sizable collection of nicely chosen ethnic and modern furniture. Uniqueness, openness in the workplace, and friendly relationships with clients have been their steadfast pillars for all of these years.

Address: E-18, Small Scale, Kota, Rajasthan – 324007, INDIA


furniture stores in kota

2. Prime Wood – Furniture Shop in Kota

One of the top furniture retailers, Prime Wood is situated in Kota and offers high-end furniture at reasonable prices. They offer consumers furniture of the highest caliber by fusing usefulness and aesthetics. Their furniture designers concentrate on developing furniture and home furnishings and work to satisfy customers by producing stunning homes. With highly qualified and dedicated employees who work for them, Prime Wood has an attractive and incredibly practical yet affordable assortment of furniture. They also offer assistance to their customers as they choose from a wide selection of goods.

Address: Furniture Market, Shopping Center, 109, Kota, Rajasthan – 324007, IN

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3. Nirmala Furniture – Furniture Company in Kota

Nirmala Furniture is one of Kota’s well-known furniture retailers. They offer affordable furniture and wooden decorations without sacrificing quality while taking into account their customers’ wants and desires. They take pleasure in providing exceptional services to a large number of satisfied and happy consumers. A dedicated crew at Nirmala Furniture makes sure that the homes of their customers receive distinctive designs and goods. They are one of the promising furniture businesses in Kota and are simple to find and well-connected to the city.

Address: SBI Building, Shopping Center, 114, Gumanpura, Kota, Rajasthan – 324006, IN

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4. Kabra Furniture – Furniture Store in Kota

Among various furniture businesses in Kota, Kabra Furniture is one that offers its customers distinctive, high-quality furniture at a significantly lower cost. Employees at the business put in a lot of effort and are passionate about what they do in order to give consumers high-quality goods and services. The well-trained and committed crew offers a wide selection of furniture at reasonable prices. Due to its central city location, Kabra Furniture is easily accessible by all means of transportation.

Address: Shop No.118, Shopping Centre, Furniture Market, Kota, Rajasthan – 324007, IN

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5. Sethiya Industries – Furniture Dealers in Kota

The personnel at the furniture company Sethiya Industries is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. Sethiya Industries is the epitome of perfection in furniture design and supply, offering a wide variety of items without sacrificing quality. The business is committed to giving clients what they want at a price they can afford. The business serves as a one-stop shop for customers looking to purchase cosy, comfy, and fashionable furnishings. They may be reached by all accessible means of transportation because they are situated in the center of the city.

Address: Furniture Market, Shopping Center, Shop No.319, Kota, Rajasthan – 324007, IN

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6.  Kapil Decor – Furniture Manufacturer in Kota

All of your furniture needs can be met at Kapil Decor. The store offers the newest selection of furniture of the highest quality at competitive costs. The store’s product selection is in line with the prevalent interior design and décor trends and fashions. According to your wants and specifications, their personnel assists you in making a shortlist from among their furniture options. You can choose from a variety of tastefully made wooden almirahs, center tables, cottz beds, dining tables, diwan-cum-beds, foam diwans sofa sets, and dining tables to decorate your home.

Address:  196-Shopping Centre, Furniture Market, Kota, RJ 324007

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