7 inspiring Indian Home Interior Design Ideas

7 inspiring Indian Home Interior Design Ideas

7 inspiring Indian Home Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to interior design, a home feels like heaven, and if done effectively, interior design is a miracle. It has the power to instantly alter a setting, a mood, and even a life. Redesigning your room’s decor is a great idea if you think your home is either uncomfortable or old. Every room of your home, from the family bedroom to the kitchen, bathroom, and home office, can look unique and elegant with some interior design. 

Maintaining your personality’s reflection in the design of a room while arranging its interiors might be challenging. Therefore, we are here to help you! Not only will we offer advice on decorating Indian homes, but you can also refer to our do’s and don’ts guide for arranging your room.  If you want your home to have a modern Indian feel, you should keep the design subtle and minimal, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add a traditional touch to it. In this blog, we’ve provided some inspiring Indian interior design ideas for your home. To witness how drastically different your home will look after a complete renovation, try it out.

1. Decor With Solid Wood Furniture


An abundance of solid wood furniture is one of the defining features of the Indian style. Furniture made of wood that is antique or handcrafted brings a bit of the past into the present. It can be unique, special, or a cherished family relic. High-quality wood furniture is frequently handed down through families and ought to be a focal point in many interior designs.

Large cabinets, beautiful chests, inlaid dressers, and robust chairs are a few examples of common wood furniture that frequently appears. Furniture made of high-quality wood stands out from other modern pieces and can immediately transform or elevate a space.

2. Adorn Your Walls With Indian-Inspired Art

Such exquisite forms of art can be found in India! You can add an Indian touch to your house in a variety of ways, such as with Indian art decor like the one in this living room, whether you prefer paintings, artwork, pictures, sculptures, or more.

The plain walls of a home can be transformed by paintings. A classic selection of Indian folk paintings from various regions of the nation is a great choice if you’re looking for some decent solutions to decorate the living room walls. Examples of eye-catching home decor ideas from India that can become the centre of attention in your home are the Madhubani art of Bihar, Kalamkari paintings of Andhra Pradesh, Warli folk art of Maharashtra, and other well-known historical paintings.

3. Lean Into Vibrant Colours

India is a land of countless vivid hues. Everything on the subcontinent is vibrantly colored. A great method to enhance a room’s appearance is to add new colors to the decor. Choose a color scheme that combines earthy tones like browns and greens with relaxing colours like blues if you’re searching for an Indian-inspired interior design for your home.

If you include vibrant carpets and couch covers, your living space will appear good and feel pleased. You could also think about repainting your old wooden furniture to give it a new look.

4. Build A Serene Pooja Room

The pooja room is a common feature of interior design in India. They serve as places for meditation, prayer, and worship. It must be constructed under Vastu Shastra guidelines because it is regarded as a sacred space in Indian culture. It is fortunate to have a home temple that is either in the center of the structure or faces northeast. Using various pooja room design ideas, you can incorporate a pooja section into any home, no matter how big or small. 

In many cultures, making room for holy and sacred objects is crucial. Even if you don’t practice religion, you could want to set aside a small area for yoga or dedicate a spot to pictures of your family. Create a boundary around the area and decorate it with reminders of the things that are dear to your heart so that visitors will understand that it is a unique and special place. These spaces will infuse your home with a touch of the holy and the spiritual, taking your design to new cosmic heights.

5. Draw Inspiration From Nature and Mythology

India has a powerful culture that has existed for many centuries that combines nature, religion, and mythology. Focusing on organic materials and mythical inspiration will help you incorporate aspects of that cultural history into your design.

To give a space more personality, hang religious or historical paintings in it. Include spaces for burning incense, pick foreign statues or figurines to embellish a corner, and place symbols from your religion on show. A flawless synthesis of the material and the heavenly can be achieved by hand-picking, tying together, and displaying all of these things.

6. Bring Greenery For Positive Vibes


To create a comfortable atmosphere inside the home, bring nature inside. The practice of worshiping the tulsi plant is common throughout India. The plant is grown in a concrete structure and is designated in the courtyard of many Indian homes. The interiors can be made more beautiful by adding potted plants and fresh flowers, which is a simple yet effective approach to doing so. The lucky bamboo plant and money plant are two other lucky plants you can incorporate into the interior design of your home. When choosing an Indian-inspired interior design theme for your home, you can also create a balcony garden. 

Today, you also have the option to install artificial grass in your houses. Not only does it liven up your house, you also don’t have to worry about the upkeep or taking care of a plant.  With the help of our top artificial grass decor ideas you can add greenery to your space without having to deal with the hassle that accompanies natural plants.

7. Feature Textiles

Indian design places a strong emphasis on textiles and uses them extensively. Textiles can soften a space, and add color, texture, and separation between rooms. Curtains, throw pillows, table runners, couch blankets, rugs, throw rugs, welcome mats, and fabric partitions are examples of textiles.

Several designs will use several textiles, or possibly all of them. To incorporate the layering component as well, choose fabrics with complimentary hues and patterns. Every surface in a room is frequently covered or enhanced by a practical textile or textile accent.


For many things, including interior design, India is a great source of inspiration. These components can transform a lifeless place into one with character, culture, and life. Here are some ideas that are likely to inspire major change, whether you’re seeking some basic design advice to spruce up a room or want to redesign your entire home. A plan that is likely to impress can be created with just one thought or moment of genius.

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