Seven Easy Tips to Take Care of your Wooden Furniture During Monsoon

Seven Easy Tips to Take Care of your Wooden Furniture During Monsoon

Seven Easy Tips to Take Care of your Wooden Furniture During Monsoon

Everyone loves monsoon, especially kids and old age people. 

Many people say that the monsoon is a sign of love, romance, freshness, warmness, and extra care!

Yes, you heard it right, many things get disturb during monsoon, say your clothes, floor, eatables, and furniture. 

Especially the wood furniture most get affected in the rainy season. 

I mean, you know, you don’t want to get your investment spoiled by the monsoon. So, what can you do to protect your furniture from getting damaged in the monsoon?

No idea…! Don’t worry, here in this guide, we have mentioned seven easy tips that will help you to take care of your wooden furniture during the monsoon season.

Before we look at those tips, don’t you get excited to know why you need to take extra precaution for home furniture…! 


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Why Monsoon Season Is Not For Wooden Furniture?

  • Because it adds humidity and hurts wooden furniture.
  • The atmosphere got more humid and moderated.
  • Wooden kind furniture like chairs, coffee tables, bed, dining table, even shoe rack or other cabinet become softly wet that hurts the wood. 
  • The presence of humidity in air particles (seems higher in monsoon) which cause prolong furniture life.
  • Monsoons are a sign of change from the summer heat and excess moisture have an adverse effect on your favorite pieces of furniture.


7 Easy Wooden Furniture Care Tips During Monsoon

These seven easy to take-in-hand tips will slightly help to prevent furniture damage. Have a look 🙂


1. Move the furniture away from windows and gallery entryways 

Move furniture apart like corner sofa and tables that readily place close to the window or gallery, so that they do not get wet in case of heavy rainfall or deadly showers. Also, fix the window frames to avoid any leakages.


2. Create a gap b/w the outside dividers and the furnishings 

In the event that there are cupboards against any outside dividers, pull them forward so they are not in direct contact with the dividers. Walls can get clammy with ceaseless precipitation, and if the dampness gets moved to the furnishings, it can have a harming impact.


3. Try not to sit on the furniture with wet clothes

Remember! Keep away the kids or people mistakenly sitting down on your furniture wearing wet clothes because the wood absorbs the moisture and stains the surface.


4. Keep indoor stickiness levels low 

Climate control systems (Air Conditioners) or fans can keep the indoor air fresh, dry and cool and keep a lot of moistness from working up. Elevated levels of dampness noticeable all around will antagonistically influence wood.


5. Wipe the furniture down with a dry microfiber fabric 

While dusting furniture, most of the people use damp cloth to remove dust. This is wrong, use dry microfiber fabric cloth to wipe the wood. This helps get dust out softly. 


6. Reestablish the surface completion before monsoon

The ideal opportunity to re-apply wax or finish on your wooden furniture is before the rainstorm starts, as finish doesn’t spread well in muggy conditions. A layer of wax will ensure the surface and keep it in great condition all through the storms.


7. Drop some dampness safeguards inside cupboards and drawers

To shield cupboards and drawers from engrossing the more significant levels of dampness during the monsoon, include a little sachet of silica gel or some naphthalene balls inside your closets.


That’s all…! You read all seven Wooden Furniture Care Tips During Monsoon…! Now be-ready and organized to protect your furniture from the monsoon season. Remember, wooden furniture adds excellent character to your interior design and life- Protect in any case…!


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