How 21st Century School Furniture Design Affect Student Learning?

How 21st Century School Furniture Design Affect Student Learning?

How 21st Century School Furniture Design Affect Student Learning?

When it comes to thinking about ‘how school/classroom furniture can reshape the learning of the students?’ I might get confused to get an answer – How?

Probably you are thinking too…! 

But somehow, there is a truth hid in the above statement. Because not only teaching experience and curriculum structure deed good learning but also flexible, collaborating, and engaging furniture arrangement, design, and portfolio increases student learning and performance. 

Today, in this blog, I gonna discuss the importance of school furniture, some world-class stats, and question-based answers for conveying us how school furniture is responsible to increase student performance. 


Let’s start with some cool school furniture stats relating to performance appraisal, increase learning, and develop group efforts of students. 

  • 2268 is the total hours in a year that students sit on the furniture for studying.
  • The 21st-century classroom is drastically different from all traditional orientation.
  • In India, only 35% of the school curriculum meets with effective furniture arrangements.
  • The compatibility between school furniture dimensions and student characteristics was singled as a key factor for improving students’ physical response.
  •  The furniture artifacts such as high furniture, sit-stand furniture, and tilt tables and seats contribute to developing positive effects.

Moving further, let’s find why school furniture is important for boosting students learning, developing higher-level thinking, collaborating with other students, etc.


Importance of 21st Century School Furniture Design

The world is changing with rapid induction and bringing all new technology to embrace life and the universe. With so and so, classroom furniture of the 21st century is something like tech-innovation. 

Nowadays, students are getting teaching not only through books, electronics like laptops, the computer, mobiles, and more changing the pace of student learning, the invention of the smart-class giving new ideas in learning, at the same time, we have seen a much variation in school furniture style and design. 

Here are some importance of using 21st-century school furniture set-up as follow:

1) Ergonomics Furniture (Bring Comfort in Learning):

It means the science of work. Early it was saying that too much movement in the classroom leads to loss of focus in learning, but eventually, it’s not in modern days. It is highly recommended to equip ergonomics school furniture to allow physical movement of students while sitting comfortably and also for learning interactions.


2) Flexible Furniture (Develop interactions & improve communication):

Flexible furniture is responsible to accommodate and accomplish different teaching and learning styles. If you teaching small groups and the same time required to teach to a large group at the same place, then flexible furniture played their role to deliver good learning and an increase in performance.


3) Hands-on Furniture (Deliver Real-Time Learning with Ease): 

You might get confused with this one. Because I named it personally. The reason is simply that some education is based on real-event i.e. practical which required hands-on learning furniture for real term learning environment. 


Well, there are many kinds of school furniture set-up design that leads to an increase in performance and a good to say to build positive engagement.

However, the statement is true that ‘one is not fit for all’, so here for kids, middle-age, higher-standards students, graduates ones, etc the different furniture set-up is required. For better set-up, you may look at the above ones for the best conceptualization. 

At Our Hub, I and my team-associates receive and always answer the following questions which help them and somewhere our community to keep up the agenda of school furniture increase student performance. 

Have a look at these questions. They are interesting…!


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look down

Q1. Do seating arrangements have an impact on student learning?

Generally, studies reported that seating arrangement has a great impact on the learning process. To prove in real, we have visited some schools that we have engaged in and served them earlier. 


Q2. How does the physical environment of a classroom affect learning?

Here the term ‘Physical environment’ meant for overall design and layout of a given classroom and its learning centers. It helps in boosting morale and learning. It also a good medium for developing thoughts of higher thinking, think innovative and different.


Q3. How does flexible seating help students learn?

We have already talked about it…! But it’s very sensory answer had given by one of our associates that Understudies adapt better when they get an opportunity to cooperate. Adaptable seating enables understudies to effortlessly combine up, work in little gatherings, or examine overall class.


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Final Thoughts

I am ending this blog with my final thoughts on ‘how smart school furniture design affects student learning’. I have mentioned the crucial piece of detail supporting this statement. Here is something more to share with you.

It is true that classroom furniture improves students’ engagements, so, for that, how you actually going to measure the engagements. Tell me…! 

The best way to tell me, by comment down your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to read them and don’t forget to share this informative piece of the blog with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Stay Tuned up for another amazing blog…!