7 Balcony Redesign Tips for Beginners | Complete Guide

7 Balcony Redesign Tips for Beginners | Complete Guide

7 Balcony Redesign Tips for Beginners | Complete Guide

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a chance that your balcony space has been pretty much the same since you moved in. Truthfully, the balcony is an often neglected part of the house because you don’t always use it.

It may seem like wasted space on paper since it isn’t extensive and there’s only enough room for a small table, but all that unused space can hold tons of potential. 

The balcony is ideal for entertaining guests or spending some quiet time alone. It can be a place to relax, read the news or eat breakfast while enjoying the natural breeze. It doesn’t take much to redesign your balcony, either. 

In this short article, you’ll learn how to turn your balcony into one of your favorite areas in your home. 

6 Easy Balcony Redesigning Tips You Can Try 

Redesigning your balcony doesn’t need to be complicated; all it takes is a few pieces of furniture, fixtures, and foliage in the right place. Learn how to redesign your balcony with the tips below. 

1. Set a theme based on your personality

A good starting point for you is to consider how the design could match your personality. You could try investing in outdoor furniture that matches your interior style to create harmony in your home’s design. 

If you like modern furniture, look for sleek pieces that match your living room decor. On the other hand, if traditional furniture appeals to you more, you may want to choose pieces made of wood rather than plastic or metal for a vintage feel.

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2. Prepare it for the weather

Another factor to consider is the weather. The biggest weakness of the balcony is exposure to the elements. Consider the climate in your area and plan your redesign accordingly.

Retractable awnings and shade canopies are excellent options to help you add comfort to your outdoor space; they can protect you from intense outdoor heat and pouring rain. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have their outdoor furniture drenched in rainwater, causing eventual wear out. 

3. Add outdoor furniture

Once you’ve considered your theme and climate, you can begin looking at specific items to look for. If you intend for your outdoor living space to be comfortable and inviting, consider adding seating options like benches or chairs with cushions. 

Outdoor furniture is beneficial if you have a small balcony with little room for other types of furniture like coffee tables or dining tables. The seating will make it easier for friends and family members to spend time with each other outside.

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4. Create a space to hang out

The balcony can be a magical place to have intimate conversations with your loved ones at midnight or bask in the sun’s glow on a Sunday morning. It would help if you considered making space to relax and hang out. 

A few cozy ideas for your balcony would be to add color-matching throw pillows, blankets, Artificial Grass Carpet or even a small table to place your books. 

5. Spruce it up with greenery

Adding some greenery is one of the easiest ways to liven up any living space. Even just a few plants can create a different ambiance on your balcony. 

Plants not only spruce up your balcony but indoor plants, in general, have been found to help improve your mental health and well-being. A green thumb isn’t a prerequisite to experiencing those benefits, either. Psychologists believe that even artificial plants can allow you to enjoy the same psychological benefits—given they look convincing. 

6. Brighten the space with light fixtures

Lighting can be tricky, but it’s more straightforward than you may think. You don’t need to opt for fancy outdoor lighting fixtures to design a balcony you’re proud of. One viable option to consider is LED lighting since they consume less energy and last longer, helping you save money and the environment.

Additionally, consider looking for light fixtures that are weatherproof and durable, especially if your home gets caught in storms. 

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7. Making Space For Change

Redesigning your balcony doesn’t require bringing in a whole construction crew to tear down walls and cement new ones. Sometimes, even the most minor changes can make the most significant difference in ambiance and overall look. The space size doesn’t matter if you know how to maximize and enhance its features.

If you need change, redesigning can be as straightforward as rearranging the space, adding lights and furniture that fit your personality, or adding a bit of greenery to make your balcony look more lively.

Even if your balcony is too small for an entire table, you can always find a place for a potted plant or a cozy chair. Remember: there are no wrong answers. Try out different decors and designs and see what resonates with you. Redesigning your balcony is a chance to explore, and rediscover your home.