Explore 6 Simple Steps For Adorning Your Living Room

Explore 6 Simple Steps For Adorning Your Living Room

Explore 6 Simple Steps For Adorning Your Living Room

The living room occupies a special place in any house; it is, after all, the versatile center for entertainment, cozy movie nights with your friends/family, boisterous house parties, some quality time for relaxation on weekends, and so on. No wonder you’d put your best foot forward to deck it up; are you soon to embark on setting up your living room? Here, we’ve curated some handy tips which will help you get started and execute the journey efficiently and in the best possible way.

1. Be thorough with your measurements

Before putting down all your ideas on paper, it’s essential to take all the measurements. Even the best design ideas will fall flat if the measurements are not taken into account. Consider every nook and corner when taking measurements; however, special attention should be paid to windows, doors, and the inset. This is because these elements of a living room determine its layout. When you visit a furniture shop to buy your living room essentials, make sure you carry this sketch so that you don’t end up buying furniture and other decor items that are not compatible with the dimensions of the living room.

2. Have the layout in mind

when it comes to determining the layout of your living room, you hardly need to be an interior designer or architect. When drawing the layout of the room, you’ll have a clear picture of the furniture you want to buy. This will also help you figure out whether you have adequate space to accommodate a bar cabinet or a long sectional sofa in the UAE if these have long been on your wish list. Additionally, you may realize that you hardly have enough room for an additional cabinet. The layout is the first step before you set to choose the items you want to buy from a furniture shop and their respective positions.

3. Choose a style and stick to it

Arguably the trickiest part involves deciding on a particular theme/style for your living room. This style should be reflected in your living room wall color, your choice of furniture, and other knick-knacks. Be it modern or vintage, relaxed or formal, conventional or experimental, the theme/style should be an embodiment of your personality and taste. You can ask yourself questions like, how you’re going to use the living room, how many people will typically be spending time there, whether you’re going to host dinner parties, and so on. For example, if your priority is to watch TV for long hours in the living room, you should focus on getting a nice sectional sofa set in the UAE. On the other hand, if you’d rather have people over frequently, having tasteful accent chairs and ottomans should be your prime concern.

4. A sofa is a must-have

when you’re browsing through interesting living room ideas, you can hardly ignore the sofa. It is not only one of the biggest pieces of furniture you have in the house but it also is the centerpiece of your living room where you’re going to enjoy engaging conversations or even blissful solitude. Besides the aesthetic aspects, you also need to factor in the functionality aspects when choosing a sofa set in the UAE. For example, for long hours of TV watching, a sectional is preferable to a loveseat. Besides, you should also spare a thought for other lifestyle considerations, such as whether you have pets or children. Make sure the sofa does not occupy too much of your living room, leaving little space to walk about comfortably. You can take your pick from sofas with a wide variety of seating options as per your need and preferences.

5. Choose the area rug wisely: 

an area rug for a living room should be big enough to fit all your furniture. It is advisable to keep 10-20 inches of free space between the carpet edges and the room walls. Do bear in mind that if the area rug is too small, it will lend a disjointed look to the living room. You can also think a little out of the box and go for different layers of area rugs. This creates more depth and adds more texture; additionally, you can also mix and match a variety of shapes and textures to give your living room an intricate look.

6. The right lighting does the trick

there should be three lighting types to make your living room look well put together. These are ambient, task, and accent. For example, you can combine overhead chandeliers with table/floor lamps as accent lights and wall sconces that serve the purpose of ambient lighting. Prior to selecting the lights, you should know how you’re going to arrange your living room. Nowadays, you also have wide choices of statement lamps that can make your living room look intriguing and unique.

7. Select the color palette carefully

The color palette can make or mar your living room; so choose it carefully so that it complements your furniture, the overall aesthetics of your home, and the style you want to evoke. If you have an eye for something offbeat, you can consider mixing colors, patterns, and styles. But don’t go overboard in a way that your living room ends up looking too overwhelming. Sticking to a common theme is always a safe idea.

8. Wall Art And Accessories for the finishing touch

no living room decor is complete without well-chosen wall art and accessories that enhance the look and feel of the space. The challenge lies in finding the perfect balance where the living room does not look too cluttered, and yet there are some carefully curated pieces to attract attention. Grab some exquisite things for visual appeals, such as pillows, mirrors, ornamental wall clocks, photo frames, etc., that add a different dimension to the room altogether. Choosing wall art and accessories are deeply personal, as they should be an extension of your tastes and personality. However, the strategic elements can’t be ignored either.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these steps, and you’re sure to have your living room look like a dream: straight out of a magazine! When you look online for some inspiration, you’ll be in a fix, thanks to the deluge of ideas available. The idea is to keep it fun, simple, and true to your individuality.

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